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10 Feb 2018 08:28:24
I no i split fans with my support of sam yesterday but i stand by the facts wer clpser to 7th than relegatation we habe shipped out a few of koemans signings who needed to go, we replaced them. with 3 good players this window and yea the games are boring at the minute but if we win ugly rest of the season am. not bothered ad rather draw nil nil than go out all guns blazing play great footbal and lose 1 nil just my opinion like but i think win today and 7th is ours for the taking.

{Ed025's Note - dream on johny..

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10 Feb 2018 09:06:37
I am with you too johny1989. Football is about opinions and even the top managers don't always agree. Look at Peps total football philosophy. Compare that with traditional British football. Back to Sam. I think he inherited a quite dreadful squad filled with age, youth, poor ability, injuries, no left footers, too many number 10's no center forwards, not many players in their prime and so low in confidence that the younger players mainly look like they are fozen to death. A crowd that away gives great support but at home is on top of the players. What miracle is he expected to do in 8 or 9 games. It is no co-incidence that we have won one away in 12 months. before his 8/ 9 games. We have to face reality and say the squad is crap. The manager will try and improve it. He is not going to turn it round in 2 months that's for sure.

10 Feb 2018 09:09:53
I'm thinking a little less optimistically. Win today would put us 7 ahead of palace and almost certainly safe from relegation. I see 37 points being good enough to stay up, but, if we can't muster 7 points from our remaining games then we probably should be relegated anyway.

Let's get behind Sam and the team, or just the team, or just Sam, depending on how you feel and let's hope at the very least, we give this game a really good go.

10 Feb 2018 09:14:08
Hi Johnny mate, I was probably one of Big Sams biggest fans to start with when he took over the reins at Everton, but you have to agree the tripe that is being played is truly awful, against the Gooners was enough for me and I know I speak for the majority of fans who want him out, I see no reason why the board would want to keep this guy in charge after the end of the season, Mr Moshiri has invested heavily in our club and with the New Stadium around the corner he will be after a better manager for sure, I finish by asking you mate to log on to the Live feed on here and read and join in with the banter cheers mate.

10 Feb 2018 09:36:02
I'd take winning ugly that's fine. However, losing ugly and the manager not bothering in some games because he thinks we'll get beat anyway, I won't.

However, vent it here people but give every last breath at the game in support of those players on the pitch. Otherwise we are relegated.

Let's get safe first Johny daydream before having illusions of grandeur.

10 Feb 2018 09:59:19
It's 14 games degsy just 3 less than Koeman had and with the same record.

K 6w5d6l s 5w4d5l one of Sam's wins was really Shakespeare. This is based on all competitive games they had each this season.

However, I'd give my left testicle for a win today. I don't care about the manager and whoever is in charge I want them to win every single game. So as usual I'll clap, sing and shout for 90mins. Hopefully though with the need to donate anything!

10 Feb 2018 10:57:08
I appreciate that he hasn't had a lot of time, nor did I expect instant success but he's already made several poor decisions. Team selections have been poor, rotation of players has been there but he's got it all wrong. Tactics have been questionable, performances almost unwatchable at times and his man management skills have been as poor as Koeman's at some points. I don't think he should shoulder all of the blame but alarm bells are certainly ringing for me. For example, practically everyone I know knew we would get beat by 3 or 4 goals last week when we saw the tactics and team selection. How did Sam not see?

That being said, I think we will win today, and as usual I will be at my seat in the Lower Gwladys cheering the team on. Fingers crossed they give me something to cheer about.

10 Feb 2018 08:58:20
Whats the dream ed? Burnley have a had game against a resurgent swansea team Leicester play man city, is it completely out of the question really that they both drop points today and i no we have to do our part and win but if we do we could finish the day 2 points off 7th? Not dreaming ed just realistic mate yea we aren't playing gorgeous football but we aren't in to bad a position when u think after the Southampton defeat i honestly feared relegation.

{Ed025's Note - i still do to be honest johny, the problem is we are shipping goals and hardly scoring mate...and thats a recipe for disaster..

10 Feb 2018 11:01:11
Guys it’s the style (if you can call it that) of football the team is playing that is depressing the fans. We just want a manager who wants to win and wants to attack. Not one who thinks getting a point at home is a good result. We are not Bolton, yet. But carry on like this and we could be.

{Ed025's Note - i totally agree woburn mate..

10 Feb 2018 12:10:27
That's a bit harsh Woburn. On Bolton I mean.

10 Feb 2018 12:32:05
Let's be honest morish only wanted him to get us clear of relegation but Sam would take the bait of a year contract and wanted 18months, we all no in the summer Sam will be moved on, yes he will get his bonus and a pay off, this was Sam's plan, let's hope managers are available for next season, if I was the everton board I would get Silva signed ready to step in, what I've read about the bloke he's very very highly thought of, he was going places with Watford and we ruined it, he wanted to come to us Watford wouldn't let him, I think he can deliver everything we need over the next few years.

10 Feb 2018 12:42:21
Well I guess the reason I am saying give the bloke a chance is because when Martinez started his tinkering with the squad, I was one of the few who was saying we are relying on one player for our goals. (Maybe 2 if you add in Barkley) . As many know I went on and on about not replacing Osman and Pienaar. but then it got worse because we never replaced Baines and Jags. Koeman came in and I honestly thought he was signing quality players who I knew little about. in Klaasen and Schneiderlin. But what I have seen of these 2 has just made me think we are getting worse and worse. whoever is in charge. I think Sir Alex Ferguson would struggle with the squad we have. I really think it is nothing or very little to do with the manager whoever it is. I think our squad is as poor as the days of Mike Walker and our recent run of 5 games without a shot on target isnothing to do with tactics. it is to do with poor players and lack of ability in many key positions. let's face it, can anyone tell me another Premier club or indeed first division club that started the season with one ageing left back, one left footed player, no center forward other than an untried and untested kid after spending near on £120,000,000? That is not the fault of the current manager. He has shown that £20,000,000 buys a decent player in Walcott. Southampton outbid us for the Italian bloke Gabbiadini and already had Shane Long and Charlie Austin. We have been p*ss poor in transfer dealings and although I thought Steve Walsh would be our answer, I admit we have been quite terrible. At least I am sure that with the comments of getting behind the team for our remaining game, I am sure the Goodison atmosphere will be the same as when Moyes first took over and saved us from relegation. that's one thing about us Evertonians. We bicker and argue all the time, but when the chips are down, we all know how important it is to get behind the team. My 8 year lod Grandson went to his first game this season. Arsenal at home. He was genuinely scared when Rooney scored. He had never experienced that moment. I remember it myself when I was a kid. The passion, the noise the joy, the volume the feeling. no words can describe it. All I would say is I am moving house in Cornwall so cannot lend my voice to it today. but those going. do it for the club. Forget your Allergy arguments. get behind every one of those players no matter how bad they are playing. Show them we need to win. Show them our passion. We bleed Blue blood and we want to stay up to rebuild. Whether that is with Allergy or not. Everton must stay up!

10 Feb 2018 12:57:15
Good post Degsy.

10 Feb 2018 13:29:14
Degsyb hight from a fellow blue Cornish pasty good luck with your move.
But I don't see it all being the players even thou some of them have been very poor along with players not adapting, but the likes of Rooney, sigy, snids gueue all good players in there own right, but there not in any case playing to there potential, is this the players or the way we are playing, I think it's a mix of both, plus not one player can say if there going to be in the team because it's changed so often, no team can Settle and get an understanding playing one week then on the bench for 2 games.

10 Feb 2018 14:51:55
Blue-heart, just a very quick reply. Rooney. has lost pace. would not be in this Utd team now. Sigy. never had pace. great at set pieces and good shot. yes he has been ok but we are not making use of his set pieces mainly because we never had a center forward until now. Snids. not seen him have a decent game yet. my honest opinion. not 1 game! Gueye. great defensively. offers nothing going forwards.5 games without a shot on target? Mainly because Schnids/ Gueye offer nothing going forwards and have no center forward even if they did.



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