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14 Jun 2022 04:06:42
I don't think anyone can accurately predict how we will do next year

Not confirmed yet but it looks like we are getting Tarkowski

It looks increasingly likely that Ricky is leaving

We have let go some squad fringe players that were on high wages

After that it's all speculation/ paper talk

My view is that if Moshiri us allowed to still poke his nose into things that he knows nothing about - FOOTBALL- we will struggle

If Ken, Denise and the rest of our ineffective board continue to not stand up to him we will struggle

If Frank and Thelwell are allowed to do their jobs we might have a chance but they are still, to me, unproven

If we sell Ricky and then allow DCL to go also we will struggle as I can't see us replacing their goals.

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14 Jun 2022 06:20:11
What goals? Not exactly scored loads and DCL has been out most ot the season, they are replaceable, all players are.

14 Jun 2022 06:36:52
Yes DCL was out of the side due to injury for most of the season and as a result we struggled for goals. Ricky's goals were vital for us - Yes?

What is is you don't understand about the fact that if we lose both it will be very hard to replace their goals?

14 Jun 2022 08:01:33
With the speed in which our fans turn on our own players, who can blame them for wanting out.

14 Jun 2022 09:21:16
I personally don’t agree with this at all. In my opinion I believe they’re both replaceable and although I know he’s important to us I believe Richarlison is well overrated and both won’t be sold anyway. Why did richarlison only really turn up for the last 10 games out of the 38? For the rest of the season I saw a lot of falling over rather than him taking his chances. There’s good reason Tottenham fans don’t want him if you ask me. The posts on here are still so miserable lol. At least we’re still in the premiership for gods sake.

14 Jun 2022 12:04:22
Where were the entire team until the last ten games? There's a full team of players that struggled for the majority of the season, bit naughty to single out just one. Especially the one who's goals helped to keep is in the league. Spurs fans don't want him because they have fallen for the media's perception, helped by the likes of JC on sky sports. Say what you like about Richarlison, he may go to ground a bit easily and he may roll around a bit too theatrically, bit his work rate and effort can not be questioned. Spurs fans wouldn't see that side of his game unless they watch us play. It will be hard to replace him I believe.
BW, why do you do it to yourself mate? You know that if you told certain posters the sky was blue that they would beg to differ. Not even worth debating with them as they never answer properly, despite claiming to answer everything on previous posts ? One of the clowns must have forgotten their password, he's been very quiet of late!

14 Jun 2022 18:25:21
Here we go again someone disagrees and they are a clown. This a a banter and discussion site, you can disagree if you like but I suppose we will always have the same people calling others clowns for speaking there minds, take a chill pill.

14 Jun 2022 23:19:38
I just tell it as I see it BP

People don't have to agree with me. I just wish sometimes they had a solution they could offer instead of bland dis agreement.

15 Jun 2022 07:40:45
If it’s going to happen then us as fans can’t help it happening. It’s also not up to us to find a solution, that’s down to Frank and his staff.
Let’s face it if us fans made the decisions then from what I read on here in the last season we would of definitely got relegated. Players come and players go, my point is NO player is irreplaceable. I agree with what you say about Richarlisons work rate and how he likes to fall over a lot rather than take his chances but I also can see why Spurs fans don’t want him there. They watch the same football as we do.
For me Lukaku leaving was twice the hit that Richarlison would be if he left. If he goes then I honestly don’t think it will be as drastic as you’re making out.



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