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23 Jul 2022 13:11:15
Anyone heard about the protest a5 Everton on the 23rd July.

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23 Jul 2022 15:54:25
Yep! Achieves sod all. You can get rid of Managers but not those that hire them. Things will not change, reviews don't have the desired outcomes if the changes and reviews are done by the very people the changes and reviews are about.

23 Jul 2022 17:06:58
Not sure why they can’t wait and see how the transfer window pans out and season starts for us.

23 Jul 2022 18:27:55
Agree Dan. Everyone involved must be completely brain dead. We stayed up because the fans got so behind the team and willed them to wins against teams far better than us. Then a matter of weeks later these utter morons are trying to ensure we start this season with the same negativity we started last season - genuinely beggars belief!

23 Jul 2022 18:53:18
Totally get fans are frustrated but I’m sure the majority are willing to see how things go in the transfer window and how we start the season before making any decisions on club.

These so called fans are calling for change but don’t appear to be willing to accept there has clearly been a change in approach to our spending this window. We’ve moved high earners on and are looking to recruit sensibly and within our means.

New manager, new director of football, new fan engagement group, new stadium on horizon.

As you say TD appears completely the wrong time to be bringing back the negativity - goodison was toxic at times last season and that translated to the pitch and results - do these so called fans not see that the same thing could happen again?

I’m all for voicing concerns but let’s see how things pan out before we protest.

23 Jul 2022 20:14:55
We could get a decent transfer window yet, none of know what Frank will bring in, as Dan says let’s wait and see.

23 Jul 2022 21:04:24
I'm getting more and more worried that Barkley is going to come back. We have no attacking mids and not seen any rumours about others coming.

23 Jul 2022 22:17:45
They are protesting about the board, owner and how the club is run. Seeing how we get on after a few games or who we sign won't make a difference unless you want to protest against Frank and Kevin.

24 Jul 2022 00:49:43
So smit the board has now got a fan advisory group, the owner has ploughed money into a new stadium and the club is now being run sensibly this window regards buying players.

What’s there to protest about?

24 Jul 2022 05:34:07
Gingerdan. If the rumours are true about try before you buy on Cornet, then I am not to sure. The Moshri statement that BK is still highly involved (when I/ we constantly told he has no influence) doesn't fill me with confidence that anything has changed. With BK involved, Threlwell cannot do his job.

24 Jul 2022 08:23:27
FatChris think it may be a case of needs must abd promises kept.

24 Jul 2022 08:25:22
How much money has Farhad put into the stadium?
The funding is not even in place yet.
You are too easily convinced I fear.

Last summer we were prudent and money had been put into the stadium.
We still went on to hire Benitez, sell Digne, one of our better players a week before sacking the manager that wanted him gone.
We then loaned El Ghazi.

But hey, if you think BK and DBB have some how magically got a thousand times better at their job overnight then good on ya.

24 Jul 2022 08:59:20
Listened to a space on twitter from the 27 campaign the other night and a lot of what they said I agree with until the lad said anyone who wants to get involved can the only reason you can't is if you have given current members abuse that made me laugh as they are the ones giving abuse out on twitter telling anyone who disagrees with their methods that they are not proper Evertonions and that they are the main problem until they stop with that they will struggle to get a lot of people onside.

25 Jul 2022 01:08:48
These protesters need to give their head a wobble.

Like it or not, moshiri has put his money in to the club. Him, managers, dof and board have made mistakes in buying some tosh players. But, it is his money. he can spend it how he wants. He ain't leaving without getting a huge chunk, if not all his money back.

If your neighbours painted their house, green with yellow spots, you can't really protest because it's their money, con do what they want with it.

Write letters, vent to the papers or social media but don't make a prat of yourselves on a wet, miserable Saturday when there is no game and no senior people at the stadium.

We should all be getting behind the team to drag them through the next few tough months.



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