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28 May 2022 17:49:37
Isn't the telly rubbish tonight, nothing on ?.

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28 May 2022 22:55:26
Then again it wasn't that bad.

28 May 2022 22:59:07
Agent benitez failed.
Agent ancelloti succeeds.

28 May 2022 23:49:16
Personally I thought it was marvellous.

29 May 2022 01:31:26
That snake stabbed us in the back.

29 May 2022 04:47:34
Really? Madrid? C’mon on Pauly.

29 May 2022 07:43:09
I’m with Pauly. I don’t care about the game last night - it had nothing to do with Everton. Ancelotti left us in the lurch and ran off to Spain. Why on Earth would we praise him? We are partly in this mess - the mess that almost saw us relegated - because he left.

29 May 2022 10:02:56
He did to us what kendal did, he came home. Very few people turn down Madrid, mbappe did for money but he'll regret it. So I don't blame him, he came here, but truthfully, how many fans expected him to stay long term? I didn't, I thought 2 seasons max. So I don't hold grudges and congratulate him for winning the cup ?! At least it'll keep the reds fro now shouting "8 times" . So il have to put up with "7 times" for at least another year!

29 May 2022 10:19:23
Haven't they won 6?

29 May 2022 10:43:13
Maybe it was 6 my error.

29 May 2022 11:02:45
He went to Real Madrid and is now a champions league winner, again, as well as winning their domestic league, I really don’t think we should be calling him a snake.

29 May 2022 13:29:00
Bit ott that, Pauly. I don't think anyone could begrudge Carlo his success with Real. I'm positive that he didn't know how bad the club was being run until he came through the door. Real was the only team he would have left for and I think 98% of managers would have done the same. His decision has been vindicated, winning his domestic league and now the CL has cemented his legacy as a manager even further. One of the greatest managers to grace the game, just a shame he didn't spend more time with is but that's football for you. Congratulations to him, his team and his staff.

29 May 2022 16:49:53
A bit ott? 1m a month. Chasing the madrid job. Shocking home form. Then when he got his chance he swept us aside and called us a small club? Rat of a man. Promising to stay into the new stadium and proud of the club and loves it here? Snake.

29 May 2022 17:26:12
Yeah, bit ott. Was Carlo born into a family of blues? No. So he won't have the same emotional sentiments as you. He, along with an extremely high percentage of the population, would take the Real job over the Everton job every time. Each to their own though.

29 May 2022 18:17:42
Blue i'm not bothered who he supports but to be getting paid 1m a month and then constantly reassuring the fans he's staying makes him a rat and a snake and then states " they hated me when I left them but now they'll be happy" What arrogance.

29 May 2022 23:13:07
Can see why you would be annoyed pauly. I can however understand why he left us for Madrid and I cannot blame him. My only surprise was that
he waited until the end of the season. He could see how guff this everton team is and knew he unfortunately couldn't turn it around. I think he took the job with the best of intentions and I like to think he has a place for us in his heart. In reality he did a good job just look at how we ended up this season. I think the only team carlo could be truely loyal to would be perhaps milan just like with rafa although he had a good relationship with lfc I believe his only true loyalty is probably to valencia.

30 May 2022 13:50:01
Arrogance or the truth, Pauly? I don't think the word hate was used but close enough! And you're proving the point to an extent as you are fuming with him still, he changed jobs that's all and it happens in every league all over the world. If he had left to join LFC then I'd be in the same place as you mate but he left for one of the greatest club teams in football. It was disappointing he left but that's football at the end of the day. I wouldn't class him as a snake for leaving, his decision has been vindicated with the trophies he won this year. How many managers have won that competition the amount of times he has? If anything, we were lucky to get a manager of his calibre to manage us in the first place. I say that because of the way the club has been run since FM took control.



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