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03 Jun 2022 10:12:31
People saying they want hungry young players (not sure what that means) . Then saying Patterson is to young to be our right back?
All I want to see is the team strengthening in positions that we have clearly struggled in. Now if that means getting Tarkowski at 29 because he is better than what we have then great. Because this is a position we have struggled with.
So far the best thing that has happened is it's June and we have the opportunity to offload a string of players who were contributing little or nothing to the club.
If nothing else that reduces our salaries to income ratio.

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03 Jun 2022 12:19:16
Patterson will get his chance in the coming season I reckon mate. We all know that Seamus is coming to the end of his career and should only play when absolutely needed. The lad has had a tough start to his career with us, hopefully a good preseason will see him nail down the RB position for years to come.
I totally agree with you there mate, if the lad from Burnley is better than what we have then we shouldn't have a problem, as fans, with him joining. If any signing improves the first team then that's all we can ask really. Although there will be some that moan he is too old, he's come from a relegated team etc etc. Let's hope that the recruitment department is aware of the mistakes made in the transfer market in the recent past and actually make signings that improve the squad for the long term. Be an interesting summer mate.

03 Jun 2022 13:30:41
None of us have seen Patterson in the EPL, some of it due to injury but some of it due to Frank opting not to select him for some reason.
I've not really watched him but by all reports he was an able understudy to Tavernier at Rangers and had good things said about him when he represented Scotland

I hope the scouts did their job and he can step into Seamus's position next season and make it his own. If the feeling at the club is that he can't we have the close season to solve it but I personally look forward to welcoming him next season

Tarkowski to me - it depends on the contract. A 2 year contract at £120k a week works out at 12m and although the salary is high if he improves the side it might be OK. If the contract is 12ok a week for 3-4 years not sure. The one thing that does worry me is all the paper talk that we have 'blown the opposition out of the water' with what we have offered. If true it doesn't look like we have learned anything and sooner or later we will be in FFP trouble and we don't know if this is a Moshiri signing or Frank and Thelwell's choice.

03 Jun 2022 15:04:46
Patterson will be a good player. Showed that in cup game before cruely taken off.

Players need game time to learn so get them in mixed with some more experienced heads. Even Holgate is experienced even though he's still pretty young.

03 Jun 2022 16:39:02
Patterson will come good, I believe he would have done if not injured. Mykolenko would not have played as much so early on if we’d have had an alternative at LB, but he’s definitely justified his place. I believe the same will happen with Patterson.

Tarkowski is a £20m player all day long imo.

03 Jun 2022 17:58:03
Wobonblue - I too hate this “hungry” phrase.
Young and hungry could describe our under 11’s.

03 Jun 2022 18:15:31
Let's rephrase it then just for you. Young and willing to learn and improve. Not older players just looking for a final payday.

Players we can pick up with talent and want to progress, get them cheaper and have a sell on value, like other clubs have done. We have in the past.

Stones, Rodwell, bowen, coutinho, suarez, Ronaldo, tevez. Loads of them.

We need to be looking at these type of players. Not Delp, rooney (2nd time) , soggy, James, etc.

03 Jun 2022 20:04:33
Whats wrong woth using the word "hungry"? Look at some of our younger players who play terrible week in week out. No int caps, no European experience, no euros, no world Cup and yet they can afford the same cars as Ronaldo or Messi! Its a job that pays for their lifestyle. No "hunger" in them to achieve anything football related. If they had a "hunger" they'd be sweating their socks off every game to get a call up or to qualify for Europe. So go get the players who want to achieve on the pitch rather than off it.

04 Jun 2022 01:51:25
I agree with Pauly on the word hungry

I want us to have players with the desire, the hunger, to work on improving their game every day. If that means staying after training to work on certain aspects good on them
I want players who have the hunger to give 110% every game, who have the hunger to want to be in the side every game, who have the hunger to fight for every ball, every yard of space

What's wrong with 'hungry'?

04 Jun 2022 08:22:42
Young and willing to learn and improve again describes our under 11’s. Sorry maybe just me. Why can’t we just say quality hard working players

Young and hungry - could be absolute garbage but wants to get better. Cadamatri was young and hungry - however he was crap.

04 Jun 2022 18:53:02
Sobs cadamarteri was young and hungry. then he scored a couple of goals and we gave him a 5k a week contract. He lost his hunger. There is a pattern here. Rub the ego of a young, impressionable kid and you get a prima donna. He shouldve got a wage increase with a call up or achieving a goal target. We immediately gave a 17 yr old kid more money than he could cope with and it destroyed him as his ego took over.



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