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27 Jun 2022 04:02:59
Looks like a summer of loans, free transfers and bargain basement signings this summer. I really thought those days were behind us when FM took over.

So much money wasted over the last few seasons on players most of us knew weren't going to be good enough. Revolving door of managers which is just not like us. We chased a pot of gold and found nothing more than pyrite.

I really hope our owner and puppet board have learnt their lesson and either sell or leave the football side to the manager/ DOF.

I fear a summer of disappointment in the transfer market and a season of struggle yet again. It's going to take at least 3 years to get back to being able to function properly and be more active in the market.

Batten down the hatches and count down to 40 points.


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27 Jun 2022 07:30:41
Glad I read that on a Monday morning.

27 Jun 2022 13:00:52
Wowzers, need a stiff drink after reading that cheerful little number.

27 Jun 2022 13:05:55
Have a bit of faith mate.

27 Jun 2022 13:16:16
I was having a good day.

27 Jun 2022 15:07:43
It was only a matter of time before the club management completely screwed themselves and the club up with their financial mismanagement and poor transfers policies. I'm taking it as a positive though if we can't spend money we can't sign dross! So we will have to be shrewd in the market and look to develop more academy players which in my mind can only be a good thing. Hopefully Thelwell will scour the European and EFL markets to find players suitable to move us forward. That way we won't end up overpaying for PL players no longer wanted by their clubs but still commanding a premium fee plus over inflated wage demands and agent fee's.

27 Jun 2022 15:13:15
Your right Welsh trucker it’s an embarrassment pure shambles, club is ruined . It is worse than we thought. Glad to see braithwaite getting loaned out he is championship level I said this months ago and got hammered on here but unfortunately in reality he just isn’t good enough at the min for premier league. Think the words I used for him months ago was he runs like a horse pulling a cart up a hill. too slow. Hopefully the lad has a good career and improves if he does he might just make it in the premier league one day.

27 Jun 2022 16:41:33
While the rest of us feel down after that post it seems Con81 is loving it!

27 Jun 2022 17:06:28
Aye over the moon I am for sure I am the most gutted Everton fan you will ever meet when Everton are in trouble my life is a mess. I am happy braithwaite is going on Loan he isn’t the best and needs to improve if he is to play in the prem. Anyone can see he is championship level at the min. I hope the big lad does well where ever he goes. I watched him a couple of times at Goodison in the flesh and he was poor too slow. Cart horse.

27 Jun 2022 17:13:24
Are you really gutted that Braithwaite might be leaving. That’s rough he isn’t that good don’t be worrying too much about it. More important things to worry about than him leaving.

27 Jun 2022 19:34:13
But other than that are you happy with what's going on?

27 Jun 2022 20:02:31
You obviously haven’t read my posts on here. I think I’ve been accused of being the most unhappy fan on this site. I hate everything that’s been going on at Everton the last while and I just want us to get it right for once please. I think we deserve it. It’s worse now than ever and it needs fixed but it’s going to take a few years now so much damage has been done. This could be our last chance to do things differently and move the club forward in the right direction. we need a change of tactics in the transfer market. No more buying dead wood.

27 Jun 2022 20:14:18
Difference is con: most of us see Trucker’s post as a depressing outlook of the truth and you see it as an opportunity to get a buzz. Not denying your passion for the club but come on mate - let’s not kick the club when they are down.

27 Jun 2022 21:00:42
What trucker said was nothing new to me I’ve been saying it for a couple of years now it’s a shambles did you need Welsh trucker to tell you that the club is in a bad way. The club is a laughing stock we have been for years now and it needs to stop. We have messed up bigtime and positive thoughts int going to cut the mustard we need action. I am totally behind sorting this mess out just wish the club would employ people that make the right decision’s going forward. It’s the same crap year in year out we will never learn.

27 Jun 2022 22:49:55
Here is an interesting one Con, I agree that he definitely needs a loan to Champs or Scotland, somewhere to get a full run out to develop further. However are you aware that the players at the club put him in the top 3/ 4 fastest at 100 meter race? .
I’m going to be honest I was quite taken aback by that myself but Don confirmed it this season on a Sky interview, said Himself, Grey, Godfrey and JB!
Who knew?!?!

28 Jun 2022 00:04:30
He must have been on a motorbike and the other players were running. Only joking if that’s true I am shocked.

28 Jun 2022 06:46:04
I’m one of the fastest?

28 Jun 2022 08:11:04
Probably would be mate. We are a very
Slow team that’s part of the problem no pace.



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