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20 Nov 2023 08:30:29
A couple of questions that I hope someone can answer please…….

How can 3-4 clubs sue Everton when only 1 team would have been saved if we went down?

What are the chances of them being successful? The way I see it, which certainly isn’t based on any degree of insight……. multiple teams are suing, based on an assumption that IF Everton hadn’t had broken FFP then they MAY have stayed up and therefore they COULD potentially have had loss of earnings.

I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure that things in the eyes of the law are black and white, someone makes a claim, they have to have evidence to support and then the defence have to disprove.

You can’t disprove a hypothetical situation where there could have been many variable outcomes? Can you? Is that how it work?

Surely if there is any case then it would be just a single team and it would be a fraction of the £300m that is being discussed.

Thanks in advance for anyone that answers this :)

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20 Nov 2023 09:56:37
I don't think they will try to sue as it wold be very difficult to prove their case and would be very costly if they lost. Additionally if they where successful then the PL would have opened a can of worms so the may encourage clubs not to go down that road. Can you imagine every time a club gets a PL sanction for breaking a PSR all the other clubs hypothetically affected would then just sue the sanctioned club.

20 Nov 2023 23:32:11
Simple answer they cannot without also suing the Prem.

{Ed001's Note - that is simply not true. You clearly have been reading fan sites and believing their nonsense. There is no obligation to sue the Prem, nor is there any reason to.}

21 Nov 2023 19:59:39
Ed, I haven’t been believing the fan sites which is why I have these questions swirling round my head. Are you able to answer them? Thanks.

{Ed033's Note - Clubs are for profit businesses, so it's likely that each club has had a meeting and they've decided to start legal action just to see if they can maybe get financially rewarded as damages?

22 Nov 2023 14:32:34
Then the Clubs claim (if there is one) is against who? It can't be against Everton, how could it. Those Clubs were relegated on their own results. Everton have been deducted this Season (By the Prem) . Were Everton supposed to deduct points from themselves last season?

{Ed025's Note - im with you DFS..



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