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08 Jan 2024 20:15:26
Anyone know when the DCL appeal against the red card will be held. Seems like it's a decision that could be made immediately, one way or the other.

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08 Jan 2024 20:48:00
Got to wait for the VAR officials to come out from hiding first.

08 Jan 2024 21:29:54
Same as return of some points, how can we get out of this one is the main topic of discussion.

08 Jan 2024 23:10:06
My feeling is that they will not reverse the decision, as not a clear and obvious mistake has been made. Let me think about that.

09 Jan 2024 06:09:27
Agreed TBT. Sadly though, it wasn’t a clear and obvious mistake in the first place.

09 Jan 2024 09:01:10
Pretty clear and obvious to anyone watching it.

09 Jan 2024 14:25:12
Getting on for 5 days now and no decision made. Does SD prepare the team with DCL available or not. Can't think why it takes so long.

09 Jan 2024 16:07:27
Just been announced that we have won the appeal and he’s available. ????.

09 Jan 2024 16:29:55
Shocked but pleased.

{Ed025's Note - im the same TBT, its not like them to admit a mistake mate, just lets hope the people at the points deduction panel do the same..

09 Jan 2024 16:38:33
Maybe we could ask for the same panel to judge it lol.

09 Jan 2024 17:06:34
Don't know way we are expecting the red card to be overturned, when have the premium league ever admitted that they got something wrong .

10 Jan 2024 17:56:27
Biggest problem is that VAR look at tackles in slow motion and freeze frame. Put those together and every tackle looks like a foul if you want it to.

11 Jan 2024 04:29:21
Remember the days when the ball got stuck in the mud or going in for the tackle and ending up in the Mersey. Now that was freeze frame.



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