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09 Feb 2024 19:41:20
I haven't so far subscribed to the theory that the EPM has a vendetta against Everton, but after the recent Premier Leagues annual report, published last week, there may well be cause to believe there may well be some bias towards our club.
The 92 page document goes into detail about the work carried out by PL clubs last season, including community, charity and public health projects and various other developments but fail to mention Everton, who have not only won the top award for EITC work, presented last year by Prince William, President of the Football Association, over the last five years, but also have undertaken one of the biggest infrastructure projects taking place in any industry at present in the UK, which again has significant benefits to the city.
Certainly reason for concern.

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10 Feb 2024 08:12:27
Wonder if anyone has bothered to challenge the EPL on this. Masters it seems to me has the ambition and possibly contacts to meet them, so why bother having ability.

10 Feb 2024 09:46:13
I also do not subscribe to the thinking that we are being singled out, after all we did break the rules.

What I do believe is the punishment itself was not justified and was used for the wrong reasons which is now coming back to bite the premiership big time.

What I do not understand is how have the premier league managing to arrange independent committee hearings and appeals for us and Nottingham Forest when it is apparently taking 2 years to organise the same for City.
As they and others have said this is not a legal court of law, then why? If it is purely down to the fact that city will not cooperate then both Everton and forest should do similar and delay any defence they may have.
If the premier league then go ahead regardless without any defence, then I will be doubting the legitimacy of anything they do.

11 Feb 2024 07:44:43
Apparently some Prem Clubs are unhappy with Masters leadership. Well there's a surprise.

11 Feb 2024 15:54:02
Guy has the type of face you just want to slap.



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