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31 Mar 2024 19:35:27
So after much consideration i still stand by dyche out he has 1 plan and one plan only and that is to boot the ball long hope for best havnt won a game in 4 months and to top it off he brings on ashley young who is 40 years old when we are 1.0 down in the 70th min now this is a big if we do manage to stay up this club needs a overhaul so bare with me cause this is going to be one long post about our club so first issue we need a new board whether its 777 or someone else moshiri has no interest in committing any more money and his 3rd party advisors can go with him. so new board is an essential right onto point number 2 due to our ffp situation and psr we need to start shifting some players out who are either not playing or just there for there pay packet if anyone is daft enough to buy them so Micheal keane andre gomes deli alli mason holgate Neil maupay can all go as far am concerned we bring few up from u21s who i think are capable making a name if not for everton then for someone else i have watched under 21s this season aswell and i think reece Welsh charlie Whittaker Mackenzie hunt halid djankpata stanley mills katia kouyata deserve to be recognised and giving a try in 1st team you never know how good these kids are unless they get giving a chance to try can't be worse off then we currently are my 3rd and final point if we do stay up and its a big if dyche needs gone and new manager is needed we need an identification a style and a coach who has more than 1 team setup and can change formations an setups in games and uses his bench better so heres my list who i think if we do manage stay up we should be consider going for these managers or coaches so again long list if you're still reading this part thank you for keeping up with me so this is my view who i think we could try attract if we want attacking philosophy julien lopetagi thiago motta whose done wonders at bologna but he will go to Napoli or Juventus paulo fonseca lucian favre jorge sampaoli graham potter lee carsley could also be considered as i think he's doing good job with England u21s victor Pereira aswell but that's just my thoughts and opinions on everton so thank you eds for letting me upload this post and hope everyone had good Easter weekend aswell apart from the dross yesterday ohh and mocker that cream egg toastie has been tried and was absolutely nice so thanks for that post mate need about 7 cups of tea to wash it down though but yeah hopefully we can somehow survive and see where the club goes in a new direction touch wood.

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31 Mar 2024 21:10:57
Yeah we in a right pickle Andy mate, but it will be what it will be bud. Definitely more important things in life bud and seen ya post about your heart valves Andy so hope all goes well buddy with that, far more of a priority, EFC will take care of itself. The cream egg toastie were a little delight but not good for my diabetes tho I do have a sweet tooth and takes the bitter taste of yet another defeat away ?.

31 Mar 2024 21:20:30
Thanks mocker much appreciated hopefully in time we can all get back on board with the club we all support and enjoy days going to matches and actually seeing us playing well but yeah cream egg toastie is not to bad like ?.

31 Mar 2024 23:31:00
Went in on Sunday 17th for a major 8 hr op at age 74. Released 22nd, physios came to test prior to discharge, passed. Is it true you do such and such every day. Yes I replied but that isn't my strength! I support EFC! Hold the discharge record. I then come out to this shower.



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