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20 Nov 2023 10:31:59
Folks, Liverpool fan in peace. I chatted with Ed 25 on the Liverpool page and whilst a 10 point deduction is extremely harsh for 1 FFP offence, I still think you will be grand this season - any other season and you're maybe thinking relegation but given how little points the likes of Luton, Sheff Utd, Bournemouth and Burnley are picking up I still fancy 3 of those 4 to go down.

The further '9 points' I would suspect would only be if you go into administration and that is due to the £300m the relegated clubs are apparently suing for - imo I don't think it will ever happen. Nothing was done when Sheff Utd went down the other season following the Hawkeye failure that saw Villa stay up and them go down - that was the argument, but nothing happened.

The interesting thing will be what happens other clubs in FFP predicaments.

Chelsea under investigation following certain actions taken during their previous ownership. The new owners have reported this so you would think that level of co-operation would bode well for them, but then your club fully co-operated too and ended up with a 10 point deduction!

Then the enigma that is Man City. Ironic they have just posted record profits too. Whilst a treble winning season would increase revenue, nobody believes the sources of their sponsorship deals are legit and 115 charges is simply mindblowing - the fact we still have not heard anything else in terms of progress is staggering given how quickly Everton were handed their punishment

Is it simply a better legal team than Everton?
Do the Club badges dictate how quickly these wheels turn?
The fact they City have always, steadfastly refused to co-operate in any investigation perhaps?

Interesting more still given Guardiola's comments saying to get it sorted quickly instead of waiting and that 'they are ready' - no bother, co-operate fully and the FA can proceed no bother.

The whole league waits with anticipation as to the punishments that Chelsea and, more importantly City, with 115 charges, will receive

Best of luck this season lads, a real kick in the teeth I'm sure but you have being playing some decent stuff lately and I think you will be fine this season.

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20 Nov 2023 11:50:25
Cheers Bill, some interesting stuff there mate .

20 Nov 2023 13:09:22
Unfortunately we have been badly run Bill, hopefully that will change in the future. I believe that if every Premier league club was fully investigated that you would find some "irregularities" but Everton were singled out unfortunately.
The worst thing that can happen to Football in general is for clubs to start litigation against each other. The only winners are the lawyers and apart from the financial impact the amount of wasted time in depositions and fact gathering are something clubs do not need or can afford.

20 Nov 2023 14:22:35
I think the reality is that the Premier league don't want to take on City or Chelsea! Too much red tape? It just stinks from top to bottom. City with 115 charges? Why didn't they check 2 or 3 at a time? Could have cost Liverpool the league title? Their charges go back years. As for Chelsea. They have spent a billion pounds on players since 2022.How have they got away with it? Sorry to be like an old record but it just stinks. probably understand it more if City and Chelsea got punished before us!

{Ed002's Note - The Premier League are actively dealing with Manchester City - they have been charged. Whole swathes of the charges are effectively noise and can be ignored but they will be dealt with. Chelsea have not been charges with anything. You clearly do not understand FFP at all if you are going to bleat about the money spent. Hopeless.}

20 Nov 2023 17:03:03
This could be something to do with Transfers during Abramovich era?
Something to do with secret payments. Not sure which players it refers to? Why secret payments. Do they appear on the accounts for that period?

20 Nov 2023 23:31:10
What is FFP from a legal standpoint? Isn't it simply a rule? City's charges are not noise but are over a length of time. My belief (Politicaly) the Prem have messed up, they are not all powerful and are about to get told to stand in the corner. Interest payments on stadium loans were not taken into account by the Commission and they should have been. Mr KC over shot his remit by saying Clubs seeking compensation had merit! from who and for what? Certainly not Everton and certainly no holding in a Court of Law.

{Ed001's Note - no, it is a contract that all the teams sign up to and is legally binding.}

22 Nov 2023 19:07:26
Contracts can be challenged and in a Court of Law if necessary.



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