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10 Jan 2024 08:40:16
Red card overturned, now if we could please have the ten point, stolen from us returned, that would be a step in the right direction, but doubt the premier league are going to admit two grotesque errors of judgment.

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10 Jan 2024 15:23:14
They’ve already admitted 2 gross errors of misjudgment.
Firstly Var saying it was a red
Secondly onfield ref then changing his mind to a red card.

11 Jan 2024 01:17:30
The punishment was harsh, we can all agree on that, LH. But they never stole anything from us really, all clubs must stick to the FFP and P&S rules but we didn't. Therefore, we should have expected some kind of sanction for flouting those rules. We can blame the Premier League all we like but maybe we should be looking closer to home for the cause of our troubles? There is no conspiracy, FM etc al are the architects of our own downfall.

11 Jan 2024 07:16:40
It ended 0-0. The easiest red to overturn. There were absolutely no tangible consequences to the decision.

11 Jan 2024 08:39:00
But could very easily have resulted in a loss on the night. Then simply saying sorry we made a mistake we won’t ban your player, somehow doesn’t sit right. Does it.

11 Jan 2024 15:10:33
Woburn I agree but I think if we lost they’d have rejected the appeal as it would have made things worse. The fact that we didn’t helps them to rescind his red with little aftershock.

11 Jan 2024 15:44:18
Ok red overturned, but did we get an explanation, or perhaps an apology, excuse me for a moment, I was just distracted by the flying pig going past the window.

12 Jan 2024 04:50:13
Is anyone actually arsed about getting a half baked apology? The card was rescinded, that's enough. We get the player back and move on. We've got better things to worry about in the coming days!



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