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13 Jan 2024 11:11:47
I think VAR has to be paused while they get a panel of ex professional players together to staff it. This season more than any other the decisions are bizzare. The game is being ruined by decisions being taken off the pitch. On the pitch, Referees may as well not be there.

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13 Jan 2024 20:30:49
What did Ange say about Dier very robustly to a journalist 36 hours before he signs for Munich? Seeing is believing and we will go with what we have when the window shuts. I wouldn't believe a word any boss says.

13 Jan 2024 21:25:51
That wasn't the post I replied to?

{Ed025's Note - you must have mate otherwise it would not be on this thread..

14 Jan 2024 03:19:34
Bugger :+ (.

14 Jan 2024 09:49:36
Blue 5050, you make a good point there about pausing VAR and getting ex professional players in to staff it. We’ve got too many chiefs meddling in it, one ref on the pitch making real time decisions and one elsewhere having advantage of several views of incidents. The integrity of the on and off field refs comes into question with so many getting it wrong. Majority of fans will accept an on field decision, may not like it but will accept it and it should be left at that. If VAR is to have the final say then any conversations between the refs should be made public. I don’t like it.
I watched the Burnley v Luton game on Friday evening. Luton were awarded a late equaliser. It went to VAR and they awarded a goal when it was plainly obvious the Burnley goalkeeper was impeded by a Luton player, not initially obvious but definitely fouled.

14 Jan 2024 11:21:49
Brian21. I'm with you on this. First game of the season didn't we have a goal disallowed when Tarks was impeded by the keeper and fumbled it. Yet the powers that be in VAR deemed that Tarks was at fault even though he did nothing wrong. Yet the Luton goal is allowed despite the player clearly impeding the keeper. Its obviously a rubbish system. Nobody knows when they are allowed intervene and when they aren't, seems like they make up new rules each week to protect themselves. Obvious and clear error, it's a joke. Gomez tackle in the spurs game, ignored by ref and linesman, VAR interfer. DCL challenge, ignored by ref then VAR interfer. Neither were clear and obvious errors. I can't remember a week that goes by that we aren't all giving out about it. On another note, how can the system be used in some FA Cup matches bit not others. It should be used in them all or in none. If DCL challenge happened on a lower league team there would have been no VAR to review it. It just makes no sense.

14 Jan 2024 22:08:38
Putting ex players in charge of VAR wouldn't necessarily make it any better. You only have to listen to the rubbish some of them spout as pundits.



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