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02 Feb 2024 21:22:44
It is clear we are still struggling financially even after selling players and reducing the wage bill. We have been punished and maybe more to come. Are we going to be like this for a few years before we get to the stage of buying the calibre of player we should be purchasing? Once we get to the new stadium and have more income it won’t be a magic wand it will still take time to recover.

Would we be better going in to administration taking the hit of another 9pts deduction likely relegating us and hitting a reset button to build for next season.
Where would we stand with the new stadium if we went into administration? Just a thought!

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03 Feb 2024 01:18:25
Our debt is just getting bigger each week. 777, MSP sports capital and image and media rights are owed around half a billion between them. Even if we survive another season in the Premier league our debts will just keep growing.

Administration seems the most likely outcome and personally I'd rather it happened sooner rather than later. At least we could then start the rebuild and work our way back up.

I've had enough of the death by a thousand cuts situation and would almost be relieved to be dealt the inevitable fatal blow.


03 Feb 2024 06:44:17
Administration would be the last thing I would welcome. Firstly who says a reset would benefit the club? Especially if we’re relegated and lose the riches of the PL? Any decent assets would have to be sold so what kind of a team would we end up with?

And let’s not forget what administration also means, many people don’t get what they are owed! You want something - You pay for it.

I would like to think our club would fight tooth and nail to prevent this from happening.

We talk so fondly about our rich history which we all use to define us as a big club. Well how would our history look when we have a shameful record of administration blotting it?

03 Feb 2024 07:24:16
Portsmouth FC.

03 Feb 2024 08:57:29
Not for me. I look at the old teams that I remember in the first division, they're down the lower leagues and probably never return anytime soon. So for me fight to the death, it's all about pride, we are Everton and we've always fought against the odds, and survived!



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