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09 Feb 2024 12:33:27
So we now have a blue card coming. We will need a big sin bin area. :)

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09 Feb 2024 13:28:20
What a load of tripe between that and VAR how the game of football has changed.

09 Feb 2024 15:45:58
Yep, soon we will have time out's and a two minute warning.

09 Feb 2024 17:46:00
Just stop watching it.

09 Feb 2024 18:45:36
Not that easy Skylark. It's a drug, you hate it but you can't stay away from it.

09 Feb 2024 20:57:16
Well if sin bins come in, I'm going to rehab and will stop watching football.

10 Feb 2024 03:40:12
You must have said that dozens of times Skylark which just shows how difficult it is to actually do.

10 Feb 2024 08:15:11
That Spurs Manager talks a lot of sense. The sort of person we need at the head of the game but will not be allowed to get anywhere near it.

10 Feb 2024 09:12:05
Next they’ll be trialling the “naughty step”.

10 Feb 2024 11:14:39
Or give them lines, though there’s probably already a few doing that.

11 Feb 2024 15:31:32
It will be interesting if a goalkeeper gets one.

13 Feb 2024 17:52:10
Apparently if keeper gets one your options are, put an outfield player in goal or make a substitution.

15 Feb 2024 19:52:06
It'll be same as rugby if forward is sin-binned, option to replace back for forward during sin-bin, play back in that position (as England RU do) , or carry on minus the forward (as All Black's do) . As you can guess what football equivalent would be.



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