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17 Feb 2024 23:14:39
Our frustrations are with the club being ran badly and the points deducted because of this. Think we should lay off Ed 02 who is only dealing with the facts and he's right.
It is a harsh penalty - hopefully be reduced but we knew we were heading for this for years.
Poor running by Moshri and Usminov the real owner leaving left us screwed.
We are in for a rough ride but I like to hope it gives us a chance to start playing local lads and looking at lower league for players which is what I'd prefer
But give Ed 02 a break - he's just telling us the truth which is hard to hear.

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18 Feb 2024 08:57:09
There are ways of responding politely.

18 Feb 2024 09:14:20
I agree! I think about if you were having the conversation face to face!

18 Feb 2024 10:10:49
Good post Sobs mate we are all adults on here and Ed 002 says it as it says on the tin, time and time again posters are asking the same question which must be so frustrating especially when one or two try to get cute with him, we are all frustrated on here about the length of time this points deduction appeal is taking, but to quote an old saying, it comes to those who wait maybe good news is just around the corner we will soon know one way or the other.

18 Feb 2024 11:06:43
We all talk tosh at times and of course frustration comes into the equation. These guys give their services voluntarily and are seemingly well informed. I for one am grateful for their knowledge. I do however agree with Big Reg.

18 Feb 2024 19:10:21
Spot on Big Reg. Respect is a double edged sword.



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