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19 Feb 2024 22:58:01
That one was definitely on SD. How can he play young and Gueye ahead of Onana and Harrison.
Awful football, embarrassing to watch.
We’re at home against a club struggling and we come out like we’re playing Real Madrid.
If we get points back, they’ll immediately be taken back for the second charge so we need to start attacking games.
Luton have two tough games, Brentford are in trouble and Forest will lose points, however if we don’t start getting a few points we’re doomed.
I’m at the West Ham game next month and desperately want to see us play with some spirit and spine.

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20 Feb 2024 00:19:16
Well we have too many old players past there prime who SD insists on playing and too many with little or no talent. We have a Manager who insists on playing one way, that's booting the ball like we used to do at school and who has no alternative tactics or strategy. I was going to say we are Burnley two but that would be insulting Burnley. I still believe that we will stay up only because there are three worse teams than us but anyone who believes that we can continue like this in the future is disillusioned.

20 Feb 2024 07:19:11
Chalkie, Dyche said he neededh to freshen the side up! 9 days rest . DCL is ut 18 or 19 games without a goal, Dyche says it will come! I am firmly on the side of winning, however it comes but that was bloomin awful stuff. Even with points back it will not help, playing like this. Dyche, Woan, Stone, Master Tacticians!

20 Feb 2024 08:10:17
Coaching staff clearly not good enough at this level. DCL is total crap/ young is crap/ McNeill shouldn’t be playing he is not good enough and has off the field problems so needs our support but playing him every game is not the answer. I think we have enough to stay up but I mass clear out in the summer including coaching staff is a must . Thelwell should be working on thisNOW and he should have a plan of action.

20 Feb 2024 09:11:39
I disagree we are in deep deep doodah. Even if we get points back we are going to get a reduction on the second charge. I think we will end up with 30 points if Dyche continues with this type of football at home. We need to win our home games.



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