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20 Feb 2024 13:03:20
I still can't see why DCL continues up front I know some see him as our best chance of scoring goals and say he's not getting the service, is it 19 games now and he still hasn't scored don't know how many chances he has squandered from good crosses but must be in double figures, last night he had two great chances from really good Mc Neil crosses but once again missed, he has to be benched and give Dobbin or Beto a stint up front they can't do any worse surely.

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20 Feb 2024 17:18:19
Yes he is rubbish mate.

20 Feb 2024 17:59:34
Guess you haven’t played lone striker, with 3 big defenders trying to kick lumps out of you, while you try to control ball lumped up field waiting for team mates to support you.
Ok he’s missing chances which normally he would put away but remember form is temporary, class is permanent.
The amount of good work he got through last night was commendable.
Give the guy some slack please.

20 Feb 2024 19:00:26
Funny that Smith, I have .

20 Feb 2024 19:04:01
About time the lad was given a bit more support up there. Easy target for those who don’t watch the effort he’s putting in.

20 Feb 2024 20:15:21
When you say "normally would put away", are you sure? Apart from 1 season his career is being defined by his inability to convert chances. His all round play can be good, but the consistent thing about him is that he is not a goalscorer.

20 Feb 2024 20:16:56
I believe most of us have Fancy, what is your point. More relevant question is WTF are the coaches and sports head shrinkers doing. Under Ancelloti DCL was scoring for fun, (he DCL credited big Dunc) . 19 games without scoring is terrible stats and more importantly helps Everton not one jot. Literally in a goal keepers face and misses. The guy is shot, you can see it.

20 Feb 2024 21:54:09
Simple answer, under Ancelotti he had a world class creative midfield player who had the ability to retain the ball when surrounded by two or three opposition players, whilst having the ability to switch play, at a stroke, stretching the defenders and creating space for both Richarlison and DCL.
He could also find the killer pass which opened up the opposition.
Of course I’m referring to James Rodriguez and you may recall, we won the derby game at Anfield and Ancelotti shouting goal at Goodison before the cross from the left reached DCL.
Oh for James or his like was part of our present squad and before the comments that he was injury prone, look at his stats for goals scored and assists.

20 Feb 2024 21:56:14
Unless Lee it was in a professional capacity then it’s meaningless.

21 Feb 2024 07:09:05
Yes I was paid Smith mate.

21 Feb 2024 08:53:41
He's definitely our best option of goals from the strikers we have.

21 Feb 2024 08:54:06
Fancy, I watch the same game as you, I saw/ see Harrison/ McNeil put in cross after cross and in that 'poor game' I saw two crosses in particular that a striker with confidence would have put away in routine fashion. Doucoure' is not a striker but gets in better positions. Yes DCL puts the runs in but that is just part of his job. 13 games left, do we have the luxury of waiting for a striker to hit form.

21 Feb 2024 09:03:21
DCL is not a clinical finisher, he is about 1 in 4 he also looks low in confidence snatching at chances. However, the quality of chances are not great, he makes them look better than they are with his athleticism. DCLs game is far more than just scoring goals, Ancelotti new this and therefore made sure he played between the sticks and had plenty of chances. Under Ancelotti he looked 10 times better than he does under SD. Unfortunately, we don't have the players to provide either the quality or quantity of chances with this squad. I reckon if he played for a team that created more quality chances he would be a 20-30 goal a season forward.

21 Feb 2024 09:28:46
Good post sa90 and I agree. He cannot (in this side) be the lone striker.



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