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09 Oct 2023 06:05:31
Given the recent flavour for changing manager as soon as things go less than desired, do you think we would have sacked Moyes after the 03-04 season where we scraped survival if it where today?

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09 Oct 2023 09:46:51
If memory serves me correct BR, I think 'zeitgeist' was different then as these days we seem to almost expect a regime change as every winter sets in, because we have been badly run for one thing and have been bringing players here and indulging them too when they really don't measure up to what I would personally regard as PL standard, DM would be no different now to the others that were ejected and Rafa even without his LFC history again IMO would have been sacked for his obstinacy alone lol.

09 Oct 2023 11:15:24
No and he would not have been sacked had Moshri had the guts to hire him in 2019, instead of chasing stars with Ancelloti.

09 Oct 2023 12:05:23
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

09 Oct 2023 12:26:57
Do you think Moyes would’ve walked out on us if he knew that he would bomb the Man U job and he’d have had a war chest for the first time?

09 Oct 2023 12:48:23
Yes he would have been sacked, if we were controlled buy the current management and owner.

09 Oct 2023 12:53:53
Many on here were very vocal about not wanting Moyes to return to the club. If only Mosh had listened to the noise about Benitez.

09 Oct 2023 15:22:03
Hit the nail on the head again JB mate.

10 Oct 2023 14:28:00
He didn't bomb the Utd job (look at their Stats) , he was sacked, Fan pressure 'again'

10 Oct 2023 16:24:19
Yes he bombed. Lasted 10 months out of a 6 year contract. No need for the minutia of stats, he well and truly cocked that up. And us beating them home and away without conceding was a particular highlight of his miserable time there.

10 Oct 2023 16:52:17
Grass is always greener ….

10 Oct 2023 18:07:18
He should have been sacked long before he went to united. Its hilarious on here how some wanted him back even though he won nowt in 11 years and yet wanted Martinez out for daring to finish 11th and with a 51% win ratio compared to Moyes 44%, oh and had nothing of the Moshiri money.

However, none of these managers we've had have won us anything but Moyes had 11 years to fluke a trophy or even a fluky away win at the so called top 6! He only broke that duck last season!

11 Oct 2023 08:08:58
Moyes is decent but is also the past. The rest is handbags. I’d personally say having us finish 4th with what he had at his disposal is arguably better than a ‘fluky trophy’.

11 Oct 2023 15:56:16
Give me the trophy anytime.

11 Oct 2023 17:58:35
Me too, been far to long.

11 Oct 2023 21:15:17
DPP exactly.

11 Oct 2023 22:36:53
Show me anywhere it shows on a list of honours, finished 4th behind 3 other teams. My god that comment has blown my mind!

12 Oct 2023 09:15:41
CL footy on a shoestring budget and knives to a gunfight and so on was impressive, here's the thing DFS it was only a brief sunny period with lots of rain to follow metaphorically speaking, Moyes reached his zenith and all that was proved was that EFC was the best of the rest at that time.



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