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06 Nov 2023 08:13:31
Serious question.
Given that the majority appear to be happy with the style of football we are now playing. Should we have kept Fat Sam and given him more time. Wasn't his style of play similar to what we are seeing now?
Could have saved ourselves a small fortune when you think about it.

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06 Nov 2023 08:35:25
It would be a no from me WB. Don't particularly like the smugness of the guy.

Happy with what Dyche is doing, know quite a few ain't but I see us growing as a team and under the circumstances I entered the club am happy with the first 9 months, not forgetting he came in unbacked in January, kept us up against all the odds when that's all the fans asked for.

Mixed bag of activity in summer with another limited spend, started the season pleasing on the eye didn't get the results our performances merited, having to withstand the uncertainty and negative vibes from within the club, some harsh VAR decisions, the takeover in the balance in more ways than one, our ongoing FFP case patiently awaiting our fate and Bill's passing, he has kept us going and for me showing small glimpses of genuine hope, it's about accumulation of points for now to withstand the possibility of the 12pt deduction, once we have clarity within the club and confidence in the team gained by actually getting results than for me we will address the so called negative approach (even tho our XG is still up there with the teams that are so called more pleasing on the eye) .

06 Nov 2023 09:58:00
Personally I think confidence grows with points tally, the swagger only occurs when a team/ squad say to themselves 'We got this'and right now its a work in progress and progress being the keyword.
SA was bombastic and seemed to be doing the 'I am always right because remember I have never been relegated' thing.
SD came here to make a difference IMO not to give it the 'big un' on Sky and the rest . . . plus he arrived when the whole club was reeling and still is which is no fault of his btw.
I like and respect Sean and would like him to at least take us to BMD in the PL.

06 Nov 2023 10:21:30
Alardyce was crapped on! No going back now, am quite happy with Dyche. Only criticism is the same as others, is his seeming dither (to me) on the substitute management.

06 Nov 2023 10:23:21
Interesting question. I think it was as much Sam’s manner as his style of play that supporters didn’t like. Little did we know then the mess we would be in over the coming seasons, with managers coming and going and the football getting worse.
At the time I think supporters felt that we should be playing better football than what they were seeing. Fast forward a few years and their now seems to be an acceptance that we are where we are, and this is the best we can do.
Ironic really when you think about it.

06 Nov 2023 14:25:34
Agreed, it was as much the arrongant swagger as the football. He spoke as if he was doing us all a favour by being there.
I understand the desire for flowing, attacking football. For me, a good manager plays to the strengths of his team. A week ago he was a tactical genius for protecting a lead at West Ham, today he’s negative and useless because we drew 1-1 with a very good Brighton team. Ignore most of the fuss. Dyche knows better than us how to keep a team up and that’s the challenge this year. Build on that.

06 Nov 2023 23:23:01
Dyche didn't sign Walcott and or genk tosun. the end.

06 Nov 2023 23:45:01
Why do some still hark on about Fat Sam? I know he was the first ever manager to prevent relegation in November but what else did he do that makes some fans delirious?
The football was atrocious under him, he wasted vast amounts of cash on players we couldn't resell and his arrogance and ego made him very unlikeable. I just don't get the love in for some of you, please explain!

07 Nov 2023 09:48:15
It wasn’t a love in. It was just a simple question, that required a simple answer.

07 Nov 2023 12:11:40
Woburn, it's not the first time a post has been put up regarding 'should we have him back' or something along them lines. It's not a simple question, it's an absolute stupid one!
Comparing SD to SA is pointless. One had cash to spend when they came in and duly wasted it on sh*te, the other had to deal with the dregs left behind from the likes of SA's tenures with limited funds to use. Neither are what I'd like at Everton in an ideal world but SA was one of the worst appointments in our history, just behind Rafa. The mind boggles that some still waste their breath on him and laughable that some really believe that he saved us after taking over from Koeman ?.

07 Nov 2023 17:38:57
Where did I say should we have him back?
I personally think his style of football was to bore the opposition and crowd to death.
Read the question again and you will see I was simply referring to the style of play. From then to now.
But hey let’s not have a discussion on anything in the future.

07 Nov 2023 20:36:56
Woburn, there's a few of you in here that seem to hark back to him for 'discussions' etc. I'm having a discussion and adding my opinion, is that not what this site is about? Or is only if someone agrees with you deemed to be a discussion?
I never actually said you had wanted him back, maybe if you read it again you will realise what I meant.

08 Nov 2023 11:26:28
Well the fact that we and others have had the debate shows it wasn’t a stupid question. It’s not about whether people agree or disagree, it’s about asking for their opinions.
Most chose to give their opinion, while others seem to see it as an opportunity to have a go.

08 Nov 2023 13:14:44
Again, Woburn, it's about opinions so not sure why you're taking it so personally! I could quote yourself from other posts saying the same yet, when someone disagrees with your opinion, you want to assume that they are having a pop at you.
Out of everything I said, you chose to pick up on one sentence 'its a stupid question' yet ignore any other point. No point talking to you, you say you want to discuss opinions but that's as long as it is in line with your own.



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