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28 Nov 2023 19:19:32
So they are going widen the use of VAR even more
I think this just might tip me over the edge and take away any interest I had left the game, football is becoming a joke the games will last longer than an American football game.

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28 Nov 2023 19:47:27
Bit like Formula 1 mate.

28 Nov 2023 19:50:56
Thought the same Skylark. Went to an American game in Kansas. Game supposed to last 1hour but took over an hour and a half. What’s next time outs?

28 Nov 2023 19:55:03
To me it seems instead of allowing the referee to do his/ her job, VAR see themselves as the central role. Not just Dyche but many others have asked what is clear and obvious. That was/ could have been a penalty but the referee booked for simulation. VAR said clear and obvious error, it was not! Needs a total revamp and stringent rules nothing ambiguous.

28 Nov 2023 21:17:03
That is short for NFL Woburnblues.

28 Nov 2023 21:45:14
Yea I might have left a little early due to boredom fatigue ?.

29 Nov 2023 00:03:16
Var should only be used if a ref asks for it. Not having var trying to influence what happens on the pitch. I'd like to see it scrapped altogether.

29 Nov 2023 12:16:13
It is the same in Europe as well.
In the Celtic game the defender clearly pushed the striker and the ref awarded a penalty then was told to go yo the screen and reversed his decision.
It is supposed to only in a clear and obvious error. It was not an error. I thought when it was introduced great the correct decisions are now a constant, but no it is actually ruining the game.



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