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11 Jan 2024 09:18:32
Here's my problem with FFP. Originally it was brought in I think to stop spending beyond their means and going broke. Fair enough.
But then some clubs got around this by offering players long term contracts. Which in its self can't be sustainable or of a long term benefit to the club.
Then we have the case of Newcastle, whose new owners could probably buy every team in the Premiership and still have change.
But for Newcastle to compete with the "cartel" some drastic measures will have to be taken. Now they have always been a one club city, and probably the most locally supported club in the league.
However, for them to progress this will have to change. More corporate boxes will be needed to generate more match day income. These will be filled with a new type of supporter not local people. In short they will have to become the new Man Utd. Which will cut deep into the soul of the club.
Football at one time was all about community, supporting your local team through thick and thin, and being proud of that. Having healthy banter in the pub after the game "looked offside to me" but always it was about the game.
Now all people talk about is FFP, VAR etc, and the game itself is forgotten.
I have read on here recently posts were people have mentioned going to lower league matches, and how much they have enjoyed it. Well that's how football used to be. What we have now in the Premiership is a poor imitation of that.

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11 Jan 2024 10:14:52
Couldn't have put it better myself Woburn??.

11 Jan 2024 15:38:37
Great post. I'm 84 next month and from a different era. As a kid I would walk to the triangle on Leyfield Road and get the football bus, meet up with my school mate Neville (who would go on to wright the Golden Vision) and watch an Everton team that consisted of British born players who gave their all for the team, and were paid by todays standards a very poor wage. They also were allowed to tackle and it was a time when it was considered a contact sport, and if players fell to the floor it was because they had a serious injury which needed a sponge to correct. I have been at Goodison when almost 70,000 were in attendance and I can't remember anyone who did not have a Scouse accent.
Now the money men have taken over the game, we have ridiculous high wages and transfer fees, foreign players who have never heard the name Everton before signing and stupid rules that just add confusion to the game. I am glad I was able to watch proper football.

11 Jan 2024 16:53:04
Completely agree. Also seems that FFP isn’t fit for purpose, it doesn’t really stop the very thing that it was “designed” to do, clubs overspending and ending up knee deep in it. I mean look at how far up the swanny we are! .

12 Jan 2024 16:56:50
We’re only up the Swanny because of FFP. Our owner could easily pump millions more in, however is not allowed to.
If businesses were told they couldn’t plough investors money in to the business they’d laugh.
Newcastle now suffering our problem, billions of pounds but not allowed to invest.
Chelsea and Man City would be nothing if they’d had the same restrictions years back.

12 Jan 2024 18:23:36
Don't think it works like that. Everton are in debt to the tune of 400 odd million so it is said. How come the billionaire doesn't bin that off?

12 Jan 2024 18:23:36
Don't think it works like that. Everton are in debt to the tune of 400 odd million so it is said. How come the billionaire doesn't bin that off?

{Ed002's Note - The problem Everton has largely relates to sustainability. Sharing misinformation about a FFP is wasting everyone’s time.}

13 Jan 2024 15:57:15
Sorry Ed I don't think I have professed to knowing how FFP works.

{Ed002's Note - It was not aimed at you but the whole thread.}

14 Jan 2024 09:54:41
Sustainability, yes I get that it’s sustainability, however that should be down to the owners whether or not their investment to continue propping up a loss making business is sustainable.
If you look at Man City and Newcastle, they could continue to throw money at the clubs indefinitely.
Ok Everton are a little different as our owner doesn’t have the deep pockets they have, although if the appetite was there he could have seen us through this until the new stadium started to pay dividends.

{Ed001's Note - there are numerous clubs worldwide that have died as the owner decided he no longer wanted to continue propping up a team or, in the case of Greenock Morton (iirc) died and left no one to pay the wages etc. That is why sustainability became a thing, as otherwise it puts clubs at risk.}

14 Jan 2024 01:10:26
This might sound daft ed I the FFP but if you have money you don't mind spending to get were you want to why can't you spend it. unless you can do you can't compete with the big boys and challenge. for example say everton can spend £50 mill on players but the top 6 can spend £100 to £150 mill because they always get European football the gulf will always be there keep the rich rich. i know we spunked a lot of money on average players trying to compete and that's why we are were we are. i read we are 1 of 2 club's that have actually made a profit in the last 3 transfer windows after admitting we screwed up and complied with everything the fa told us to do but yet they still want to punish us and use us as an example. its just frustrating and I might be paranoid but since we we started protesting about the 10 points. We have been shafted by every VAR DECISION. RANT OVER. COYB ??????.

{Ed002's Note - You don't understand FFP andf you clearly don't understand the problem Everton created regardless of my explaining it year after year.}



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