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18 Jan 2024 09:51:21
I'm characterising Everton as a small club, Richard Masters displeases his ignorance, to go with his arrogance. Not just for Everton, but for the whole of football, this man has to go?

You simply cannot have a disciplinary process where you make up the rules as you go along, then hand pick a panel to hear the case, and give the result you want before they even sit down?

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18 Jan 2024 11:20:33
It was a silly comment to make. Obviously a passive aggressive backhand because he's likely been dealing with the worst of fans.
However the facts remain we aren't a big club anymore. A historic dinosaur trying to fend off extinction. The league is littered with clubs with similar trophy hauls.
We are a precious bunch. We have more to worry about than someone pointing out a probable not far from the truth poke.

18 Jan 2024 12:51:02
What makes us a big club then in your opinion, LH? Not winning a trophy in how many years and not finishing in the top 6, or in and around the European places, doesn't scream 'big club' to me. Historical club? Definitely but we lost our way as the Premier league era began and haven't really done anything to be classed as one of the big clubs in the league since. As fans, we need to take off 5he tinted glasses and stop being offended by what people outside of the club think. Our main gripe is with the owners, as has been reiterated by myself and many others when replying to your conspiracy posts. FM and his cronies are to blame for our financial woes, you really need to get that in your head mate. All this anger aimed towards anything the Premier league do or say is misplaced atm, at least wait u till the 1st appeal has been heard!

18 Jan 2024 16:29:41
What makes a big/ small club is a matter of opinion and definitely divides fan bases all over.

But no one carrying the authority that he does should ever use those terms and then expect to be considered fair to all clubs. He’s a professional that fell short of the mark.

{Ed025's Note - i agree ace..

18 Jan 2024 16:33:30
Don’t really want to get into what makes a big club small club debate.
All I would say is ask yourself how many football clubs do you know that have struggled for as many years as this club, yet still get home crowds of over 35,000 +, and always sell out their away allocation.

{Ed025's Note - thats why i would say we are a big club Woburn..

18 Jan 2024 16:53:40
It doesn't matter if we are a big club or small club. We are a club and each club is just as important as the other and should be given the the same consideration as the other. The fact Masters distinguishes between the two tells you a story of how he thinks and will act.

In terms of size, we are the 19th biggest in the world based on turnover, employ a considerable amount of people and have a huge responsibility to its community which we are extremely committed to.

We are investing 700m in a stadium that will create over 1b in revenue and investment for the city and have an impact on the wider area. It is creating 15000 jobs and see many more created by investment in the city. Plus it will regenerate and speed up investment in a run down area of Liverpool increasing the footprint by 30% of customer used space in the city centre.

This is the biggest investment in the UK right now in terms of scope and positive affected areas.

Not bad for a small club.

18 Jan 2024 17:57:47
Yes spot on.

18 Jan 2024 19:42:35
Brilliant post BlueJoinUns. In a Nutshell. ??.

18 Jan 2024 20:15:07
Yep excellent post thanks for that mate, keep them coming.

19 Jan 2024 17:10:52
Did he refer to Everton as a small club? I didn't see the interview ye are discussing.

What a dope! Surely he has to consider that a club that has been in his own league since its inception must be regarded as an important/ big club.

I'm not an Everton supporter but I do hope, even with point deductions, that you stay up. Then you have the luxury of observing how all the 'big' clubs get treated for their transgressions.

{Ed025's Note - we will be waiting with baited breath Macko...cheers mate..



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