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27 Apr 2022 16:09:12
Rumours dcl told people close to him he wants to go to Arsenal. Clickbate or true I don't know, but he looks like his head has already left Everton!

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27 Apr 2022 16:43:23
Good hope he goes, overrated and an idiot.

27 Apr 2022 19:04:45
Rumours have been going around about this for ages.
If true so be it, just hope we get a good deal for him, however with his current form and injuries not sure we’ll get what us as fans would feel would be a good deal.

27 Apr 2022 19:06:51
His head was turned 2 years ago when he read his own press the boy is a cheat and a rat ? he is not even that goos he has a touch of a rhino and a rhino is quicker than him so get stuffed dcl you overrated sad cheating rat.

27 Apr 2022 19:07:05
Loving him last season but I wouldn’t be gutted to see him leave now. Get a nice transfer fee for him and try and balance the books a bit. Hear Arsenal are interested in Richarlison too, could they feasibly afford both though? .

27 Apr 2022 19:09:35
We’ll need the cash to rebuild whether we go down or not. He’s shown in the past that there’s a good player in there, but he’s far from irreplaceable. If he doesn’t have the bottle for the fight, he’s welcome to move on. You’d expect a good price as others will join in the bidding for sure.

27 Apr 2022 19:18:56
He's hardly played this season and when he has it seamed half arsed, and given our position why add more salt into the wounds by letting this slip, if this is true shows he couldn't give a toss.

27 Apr 2022 20:49:35
We'd be lucky to get anything more than 15million for him. Fortunately he's young and English and that gets a premium.

27 Apr 2022 20:55:17
if dcl goes so be it, can't see us getting much for him. sad but in truth there is no fight in him like many others in the squad. reality is this is the worse everton team i've seen and i've been a supporter since 1968.

27 Apr 2022 21:32:18
Not as much as if we’d sold last summer, but we’ll still get good money.

27 Apr 2022 21:54:02
He has cost us more than he has won for us. Modern day footballer. Famous before ability.

27 Apr 2022 22:32:06
Hiss attitude has been bad all year, either injured or looking as if he did not care a toss when he played. Now when we need all the players to step up and help us avoid the drop he comes out with this. Get rid, the sooner the better and get someone in who cares about the club. I wish we had a Dave Hickson type player who would take a few pain pills and get out there and help us win games. London would be a good place for DCL, he could do his modeling stuff and get on the subs bench like Barkley, another player who thought he was better than he is.

28 Apr 2022 09:34:19
really find it hard to believe that so many 'fans' turn so quickly on their own players! the season is not over yet and already you're selling them off!

28 Apr 2022 12:45:43
I agree wakka57 add in we don't even know if it's true and with fans like ours why would any player want to play Infront of us.

28 Apr 2022 19:56:11
I think Arsenal will be in for better players.

29 Apr 2022 08:08:42
Agree with Wakka and Lamps here. It’s no wonder he would want out with this kind of toxicity. Wouldn’t blame him. Cut the man a break, he’s had a brutal injury hit season and come into a side that’s battling relegation under a new manager. Not exactly the easiest conditions for him to perform. While he’s an Everton player, we need to back him. I don’t understand why so many insist on bringing our players further down when they need uplifting. Of course, comments and criticism are valid and deserved, but there’s no need for them to devolve into personal attacks.

29 Apr 2022 16:22:15
Agree with what you say Tmh, also add to that the service he has received when he’s actually played has been non-existent.

I do question whether all the abuse he is now taking is more to do with the fact that he’s willing to challenge conventions with his fashion choices etc. rather than his form.

I for one couldn’t give a stuff what he wears and what fashion shoots he does. Good luck to him.

However I would like him to score goals for us, but through injuries, change of manager, change of formation, lack of service he hasn’t done it this season.

I don’t think he’s lost it just this season has conspired against him. Very similar to what has happened with Patrick Bamford at Leeds - however doubt he takes as much flak from their fans as he’s not on the front of magazines or wearing clothes some fans don’t approve of.

If he does go this window then it’ll be disappointing but not surprising - I’m sure he’ll be able to find a fan base that will support him and not abuse him just because his sense of style is different to theirs.

29 Apr 2022 19:22:03
Coached by Dunc, or so DCL says, My view DCL looks like Rondons Grandson. No way DCL can emulate DF and Everton don't play that way. Not going Sunday (given away to a masochist) , off to Pub with Son to get royally. Worked and played football all over the World as an aside, amateur and semi-pro, I can honestly say some of those would have kicked this lots arses.

30 Apr 2022 18:44:14
Start with Rondon, let him get himself about, then if fit, bring Calvert-Lewin on, in the second half if needed.

Use Calvert-Lewin sparingly, until we have the three games close together, to try and pick points up, in those games.

30 Apr 2022 21:13:54
Arsenal in for Jesus apparently so I doubt they'd be in for Dom as well, unfortunately.

02 May 2022 09:53:29
Sell dcl and bring back lucaku on loan.

02 May 2022 09:59:11
I heard it’s Newcastle interested in DCL
I’m a bit torn on it myself, last season he grabbed the goals, this season he’s had a nightmare with injuries
If say Newcastle came in with a good offer it could give Frank money for some young hungry talent
Also seen that West Ham are interested in Keane.

02 May 2022 11:08:57
I imagine will all depend on whether we stay in the league on who stays and who goes.

If we stay up then West Ham won’t be in for Keane.

DCL and Ricky prices will be decent and may put a few suitors off.

However imagine will have to sell atleast one of them to help with balancing books and our ffp issue.

If we go down then imagine it will be a fire sale and imagine all players will be available for a price.

As for suggestion of lukaku back on loan if we sell DCL - what a joke. He clearly wants to go back to Italy, he’s on massive wages, can’t get in Chelsea team ahead of Werner who can’t score, looks completely disinterested and I feel would be a disaster for us.

If we sell DCL then think club should genuinely give Dobbin or simms a go. They could be the answer and would cost us nothing, as realistically trying to buy a 20 goal a season striker will be crazy money and not help with ffp situation.



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