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03 Oct 2023 11:58:44
As I said below I don't think sacking Sean Dyche is the answer, we have had soooooo many managers in the last few years and most of them if not all had problems, at last we are now getting crosses into the box and loads of chances but almost all of them never find the back of the net, we improved with the Brentford game and could have won by even more, also against Luton bombarding their goal for the first 15 mins and could have been 3 or 4 up before they scored, the bottom line we don't score we don't win it's up to the players to be more clinical in front of goal,

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03 Oct 2023 13:02:58
Or the manager to pick a more attacking team GB.

03 Oct 2023 13:24:48
Worst manager since Mike walker can’t win a home match worst home start for 80 years and you think Dyche is the man. I give up.

03 Oct 2023 14:26:40
That’s not what I said Dino, I did not say he is the man, I give up!

03 Oct 2023 15:03:51
Did you not say Sacking Dyche isn’t the answer? If you did you must have confidence in him or am I missing something.

03 Oct 2023 15:52:53
All I am saying is I don’t think sacking him would improve our situation, far more concerning to me is when we meet with the F A at the end of this month re FFP.

03 Oct 2023 17:08:31
Unfair on Mike Walker.

03 Oct 2023 17:13:13

See you didn't post when we won back 2 back, it's very fine margins with Dyche, in all but the Villa game away and Arsenal at home we created a lot and certainly should have more points on the board, Dyche not blameless by no means, but if the player's would have took some of the chances created it be a different picture.

Who you want in? Who realistically will come, 2 weeks before our FFP investigation and a ongoing uncertain takeover.

Easy to say sack Dyche but the back up plan isn't there not the club looks a attractive proposal to any so called better manager than Dyche.

If the circumstances at the club were more stable, then I'd get the Dyche out more.

03 Oct 2023 17:21:28
Doesn't matter who comes in Mocker, you will still have some that want the next manager gone when he fails to get a tune from these players.
Agree with you totally mate, the club is unstable for a few reasons and constantly sacking managers is a big part of that.

03 Oct 2023 17:37:50
That’s because I am not stupid enough to change my mind after one or 2 wins. Brentford were terrible against us and a win in a cup that nobody wants to win is hardly something to shout about. Anybody would be better than Dyche he is one manger off the being the worst manager in the clubs history (sorry again Mike Walker) can’t win a home match against Fulham, Luton, and Wolves. FFP decision is out of our hands they are investigating and we don’t know what the outcome will be so will have to cross that bridge when we come to it. The manager on the other hand we can do something, sack the plonker and get someone in let’s face it whoever we can get couldn’t possibly do any worse than this guy. What is it you like about him Mocker convince me what he is doing well and why we should keep him. Have you listened to him talking? I talk more sense after 12 cans of Stella and two bottles of red. The guy talks garbage.

03 Oct 2023 17:38:57
We need to be realistic BluePotato. It's frustrating because the performances have warranted more than the points we have.

Not sure what the answer is, but at some stage we need to stick by someone and ride this out, and realistically they ain't many standing out to come in who are available, willing, affordable and experienced enough to manager this mess with all that's going on.

03 Oct 2023 18:15:39

At no stage have I stated he is doing well nor am I going to convince you to change your mind, you have your opinion and that's fine we are on a results business so it's justified.

But I look at the bigger picture and bit more balanced, this is a continuation of what's gone on the last 6years or so, Dyche can't be blamed for that nor expected to change the culture in 8 months with no money and 1 window to try to balance and improve the squad.

We as fans clearly don't know what's happening on a day to day basis and behind the scenes but clearly it's had massive negative impact of the playing front last few seasons.

& of course I've heard him speak and seen all our games this season and imo opinion bar 2 as stated we have in parts looked decent, the last 2 home games been massive disappointment especially the application and performance v Arsenal and the morale dampening result v Luton.

Clearly the fans are split and this is no doubt spilling onto the pitch especially when at home and isn't helping the situation.

I don't know the answer Dino and hard to argue with the negative calls, but those calling for his head are imo kidding themselves if they think someone is just going to come into this mess, work with a squad that realistically won't be what they want, have no money to spend, a fanbase divided, a FFP investigation that increasingly looks like could go against us, on top of a take over that is in the balance and if does go through looks unappealing to say the least.

So who is out there, within our limited budget and knows this group as Dyche now does to take us forward?

As I said if the club was stable and settled then I'd accept the Dyche negativity more but for now and viewing things as I see them am realistically enough to understand we will struggle to attract a manager to stay and guide us through this for a good few seasons and for me Sean deserves to be given a chance, tho ultimately results must improve.

03 Oct 2023 18:27:26
Dino, putting your obvious hatred for SD aside, who do you want in to replace him? Every time we have heard the calls for a manager to be sacked, none of you ever give a proper answer to who should come in. Saying that anybody can do the job better isn't an answer, that has been said about the majority that FM has hired yet the future is still looking bleak. So, give us names that you would like and then, if they end up here, let's see how long it takes you to want them out too. That's not a dog at you, it's just been the common theme since FM came in.
Mocker, we have been unlucky at times and a shambles at others. Stability is the key but we don't have the patience as a fan base it seems. If we lose the next game then he will be gone anyway and then the cycle begins again. Crazy but some seem to like the thrill!

03 Oct 2023 18:42:23
Well said but In my eyes he has had his chance and blown it. He couldn’t have done any worse if he tried. He is too negative and predictable and it’s not working. How bad do you want it to get before you are prepared to say Dyche out no home wins in 10 games? 20 games? Do you have a limit on what you can take because my limit has been crossed and it’s not getting any better it’s getting worse. We have lost Goodison and that’s down to Dyche. The fans have lost the will to live and it’s his fault. Any decent manager will pick up points against Luton, Fulham and wolves 9 points available and this idiot can’t even get one. I don’t know how much you can take all I know is it’s a hell of a lot more than what I can take. Dyche first 10 months have been a car crash.

04 Oct 2023 00:56:12
I think Dyche lost a lot of supporters when he changed the team for the Luton game.
Garner had been playing really well at centre midfield, yet he brings Gueye who’s been awful back in and pushes Garner out wide. Prior to the game the majority of fans were asking why had he done this?
It comes across as being so negative and narrow minded, and having a total lack of understanding of what supporters want to see from the team at home games.
And can we stop this “first 15 mins we were good” crap. A match lasts 90 mins +, and we should be bloody good for the whole 90. This was Luton who Burnley have just turned over at Luton’s ground.



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