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21 Nov 2023 08:05:27
Just read a guy who works at the premier league head office got sacked and had a hand chopped off for having an extra custard cream on his tea break!

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21 Nov 2023 12:40:00
Was it one of them with chocolate over from Marks and Spencer.

22 Nov 2023 00:56:15
That's the second time I've read a comment about getting a hand chopped off today - the first was on X. Can someone explain? or is this just plain old casual racism? if so, I'm surprised it's getting published on here.

22 Nov 2023 06:08:17
? Intrigued Brighton Toffee. How can it possibly be classed as racism? Guess am missing something sorry.

22 Nov 2023 08:01:08
Agree Mocker.

22 Nov 2023 11:37:36
Good one bobby. Seriously BT? I’ll give you a pass this time but only cus your a blue.

22 Nov 2023 15:06:24
Brighton, it's not racist. It's joking about the extreme punushm5, sarcasm it's called dude!

22 Nov 2023 16:20:07
OK, well the other reference was about the EPL getting so close to Arab money and it being an Arab punishment. My apologies, it's been a rough few days.

22 Nov 2023 18:14:00
If you read all those comments BrightonToffee, you must have too many fingers in too many pies.

22 Nov 2023 19:56:18
And the punishment for too many fingers in the pies is. off with the hand.



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