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11 Feb 2024 21:25:31
Does anyone know if Calvert-Lewin managed to finish his dinner?

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12 Feb 2024 14:36:46
I heard he tried to have some cake but sliced it badly….

12 Feb 2024 15:42:51
He wanted some crackers but they fell apart in the box.

12 Feb 2024 16:18:20
I can remember Richarlison getting the same stick when he was asked to play up top on his own.

12 Feb 2024 20:51:19
Not sure Ricky went 18 games without scoring Woburn B mate.

12 Feb 2024 21:52:45
Maybe not GB but he got plenty of abuse mate, and for the same reason DCL is getting it.
We have no creative midfielders, and we don’t have wingers who can beat a man and cross a ball. Yet it’s all the lone strikers fault?

12 Feb 2024 21:52:54
Dom’s an out and out number 9. Scoring goals is his job.

12 Feb 2024 22:04:29
He did at Watford GB and more.

DCL is on a terrible run granted but as stated by others we lack creativity and don't get the balls into him early enough to attack from wide imo and he his fed crumbs at best. He is a valuable member of the team and offers more than Beto. No coincidence that Maupay struggled up top on his own when DCL was out, we lack flair, pace and confidence ATM.

Am going on record to state he scores V Palace Monday (if he starts) .

12 Feb 2024 22:45:00
He should be scoring at home against Palace. If he does, that doesn’t erase the run up to it. He’s missed a lot of chances during that run, chances created by others. I hope he scores of course, he’s shown before he can make the difference in games.

13 Feb 2024 09:41:42
JB he's missed collectively a number of chances over the 18 games but his blatant chances per game is pitifully low. As someone stated yesterday (maybe here maybe somewhere else) Salah gets given 5-7 clear chances a game and misses many of them as too Haaland. Diaz? He's love but he misses countless times a match. Even in the 3 games Toney has been back, he's missed one on ones. DCL is having a bad run but he plays in a team that makes him run all over and maybe with a fluke deflection he is presented with 1 fair chance per game. Lobbing balls and pinging balls randomly across the box isn't great. Basically he's been completely coached out of the masters simple advice. The master who over saw his only great season. "Strikers stay between the posts" in Italian accent. Hmmmm "come to own half and keep the line and chase and harry and put in the hard yards" in Mutleys accent.

13 Feb 2024 10:58:50
Totally agree FBS, it would help him if we had a Siggy, James on set pieces, Digne or younger coleman galavanting down the flanks supplying the ammunition, Richy doing the tireless running of the channels to allow Dom to stay central and do what he does best knock ons hold play up and bring others into play, runners off him and poaching within the box.

13 Feb 2024 12:04:19
I take your points lads. Not quite as I see it. He does work hard, that should be a prerequisite of any number 9 at Everton. We have wide men getting the ball in the box, of course not at the same quality as other teams, but the stats show that we do create chances. Dom should have scored chances he’s missed in those games in my opinion. Let’s hope he starts on Monday evening.

13 Feb 2024 13:29:22
Let's hope he does JB think we can all agree we need Dom back on the goalscoring trail to help us in our relegation scrap or top 10 push (depending on outcome of appeal) ????.

Really hope we get some news this week on that and we can kick on as a club 1 way or another as certainly brought unrest to the club and maybe with clarity and a change on luck comes a change of luck for Dom and co.

DCL 1st goalscorer V Palace ?.

13 Feb 2024 15:27:45
That's backed up factually Mocker by the fact we took 2 years to score from a direct free kick and a dead ball special-ist is what we are crying out for. Putting in 20 crosses a game is one thing but they are over hit, played behind or blazed out for goal kicks or throw ins. Quantity or quality? It's probably lucky we haven't had any penalties as we really don't have the equipment required to benefit from them. As for the prerequisite of an Everton 9 to work hard? Nah, they need to score goals. Just like the best 9s always have. One job to do is score. I don't want a hard working 9 who doesn't score. Absolutely bonkers opinion. But if I'm aligned with the greatest CL manager of all time then I'm probably not in bad company.

13 Feb 2024 16:00:10
A set pieces special-ist is a must FBS especially with our set-up and size of players, we carry a big threat with the likes of Dom, Tarks, Jarrod, Onana, Doucoure all big lads and decent in air but as you say so many times our crosses are over hit.

Don't mind a hard working number 9 so long as others are chipping in, Dom isn't a clinical finisher and thrives on balls into the box early, even the season with Carlo at the helm a lot of those goals were from keeper parrying it or pens, he needs to hold up play, get others working off him as Doucoure as been and Richy used too, feeding on rebounds or decent set pieces, he doesn't do the thinking part too good and more instinctive.

Would you start him still or Beto? For me still Dom.

13 Feb 2024 20:50:06
Still Dom over Beto for me too but I'd not be one to join the anti Beto brigade. 1st season in a new country and league in a relegation battle isn't exactly the greatest environment. He's definitely a potential useful lump and has pace but has no acceleration. He's similar to Dom and I've not really seen him play enough when Doucs is on the pitch. A decent no10 and someone who can hit a dead ball would see them both do much better.

14 Feb 2024 11:14:06
For record Ricky got 1 goal in 19 end of 2021. Have faith Dom will come good.



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