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11 Jan 2024 09:29:20
Ed002 - lots of talk about clubs being interested in Branthwaite. Can you confirm if there is genuine interest in him, and if so, who from?

I have searched but can't find anything directly about him from you.


{Ed002's Note - Jarrad Branthwaite (CB) Everton want a new contract but Spurs, Manchester United and Newcastle have an interest. Ancelotti has spoken to Solari about him and scouts were sent to watch him against Newcastle, but Solari is not convinced that English players settle well on the continent. Manchester United will likely need a complte rebuild at CB with four CBs likely to leave in the summer. Spurs have a need for two but have already agreed a move for one. Newcastle has a compelling need to add one or two younger CBs.}

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11 Jan 2024 10:06:58

Didn't Jarrad sign a new contract only a few months ago with no release clauses? so hopefully if needs be and we do sell then we could command a decent fee.

{Ed002's Note - Yes he signed a new contract but the financial situation at Everon is truy diore - the club has a huge problem.}

11 Jan 2024 18:54:58
Ed002 realistically do you see Everton sorting this dire financial issue without the club going into administration (if so how? ) or is the problem just doing to get worse and administration something that is inevitable?

{Ed002's Note - The takeover needs to happen.}

11 Jan 2024 21:47:07
Any idea what is holding the PL up with its checks or why it is taking so long? I’m sure some on here would suggest it’s the PL trying to make us go into administration but that would sound ridiculous.

{Ed002's Note - There is no hold up. It takes time.}

11 Jan 2024 22:35:40
Ed how does a takeover help? I have no idea regarding FFP, but though our issue is that we have massively overspent and our outgoings are much higher than our incomings?
Am I right in saying that new owners cannot directly invest to help reduce FFP strain? So where does the benefit come from new owners?
Apologies if you have already explained this but had a search and couldn’t find anything. Appreciate it may be a little too complex to explain quickly on here!

{Ed002's Note - There is no point in my trying to explain the FFP but at the moment Everton cannot pay the wages of the players and are borrowing the money each month. The issue the club has is the turnover to wage ratio which I have explained before.}

11 Jan 2024 23:15:51
Excuse my ignorance but how will the takeover help improve the dire financial mess we are in? .

Is it that there will then be somebody at the helm who can make decisions regarding the running of the club and ultimately the sale of players to generate revenue?

I’d imagine whilst we’re up for sale our hands are somewhat tied in respect to player sales as any players that could generate a decent profit being sold would potentially help with balancing the books would potentially make us a less attractive option to purchase and potentially devalue the club?

Not sure any prospective purchaser in this case 777 would be happy if we sold the likes of branthwaite and/ or Onana before they got in.

{Ed002's Note - I excuse your ignorance.}

12 Jan 2024 18:32:00
Granted I/ we/ some are ignorant of FFP but if Everton as a business are in debt and if the rich owner wished to pay it off, what stops him?

13 Jan 2024 08:05:45
My word, borrowing money to pay wages! I had no idea how bad it was. How on earth can we expect not to go into administration? Another points deduction, relegation. It’s bleak very bleak.

13 Jan 2024 12:50:52
Swinners its basically because Moshiri has lost all interest and no longer pumps any money in so while the due process takes place 777 are plugging the gap to keep the club running. we have to hope the takeover happens soon so we can move away from the mess Moshiri has created at the club.



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