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17 May 2024 07:46:33
Looks like Onana will be off before the 30th June to balance the books for FFP, offers over £50 million being reported with Bayern Munich interested. would sooner he goes than Branthwaite, just the start of the expected mass exodus.

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17 May 2024 10:34:22
Personally I'd rather he went and we kept braithwaite, I can't see both staying but onana will be less of a loss . selling players to balance the books is one thing, leaving the team weak os another, any mistakes and we will be in the championship.

17 May 2024 12:05:52
It is a shame that we cannot keep hold of him until after the tournament, where he will no doubt feature for Belgium and shine around better players.

17 May 2024 13:04:39
If we could recoup more than we paid for him I’d bite someone’s arm off. For me, he’s massively over rated.
He may come good for someone else of course, and good luck to him.

17 May 2024 13:53:06
I don’t rate him either JB, think we paid £33 million for him, we have to raise money so sales will be important, we don’t ever want to go through this again mate.

17 May 2024 14:24:06
There is a considerable sell on fee that is owed to Lille.

17 May 2024 15:17:05
Isn't 25% on any profit we make BlueNose.

We need cash in, doesn't suit us but will do well in a more confident possession based team.

17 May 2024 16:11:13
75% of £20 million is still a good deal for us.

17 May 2024 20:39:19
Both will be off as needs must we are deep in financial mess and as an ED says Evertons successive boards have been negligent (my word not ED's) in not managing overspends. We are a Premiership side with supposedly Premiership facilities, Academy, youth sides etc! Surely a good Head Coach listens to each Coach of U18, 23, reserves etc!

17 May 2024 21:38:03
Personally as much as I don't want to see him go, I think selling branthwaite is the only way we avoid another ffp penalty. Because whatever we sell him for is basically pure profit.

Question really needs to be, would you rather have Branthwaite and a 4pt deduction or lose Branthwaite. To be honest I'd probably take the 4pts to keep him.

18 May 2024 07:26:23
I would as well Efcone. But, as we know there are no set rules for point deductions Vs over spend. I think the prem would say you're still taking the piss and had the opportunity to balance the books but chose not too and hit us with a massive deduction.

18 May 2024 12:35:11
Take another penalty and keep Braithwaite at all casts loosing him will cost us more points than ffp imagine Keane or Holgate there instead frightening.

19 May 2024 16:32:42
Completely agree take -4 and keep branthwaite. He seems like a good lad with a sensible head on young shoulders, I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to stay 1 more season. Also as good as he is tarkowski deserves equal credit! . Onana can go with my blessing, he's added little.

24 May 2024 19:18:48
I'd bite their hands off for 50mil.



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