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04 Oct 2023 07:45:25
Exactly what I thought bluepotato mate he's happy to slate Sean, typical.

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04 Oct 2023 12:42:25
GB - Do you not think it’s right to slate Sean?

He’s the manager and the results and performances are poor and ultimately the buck stops with him. His waffle after matches is starting to grate. If he can’t motivate the players or figure out what’s going wrong then what’s the point of him being the manager?

I’m not one for sacking managers, but can see why so many are starting to call for his head based on performances and some of the drivel he spouts post match.

We all knew it was going to be a tough season, to lose at home to 3 teams who will probably be in the relegation fight with us is shocking.

We have good players, dyche needs to step up and start managing those players appropriately and setting up the team to actually compete - why did he change the team from the one that beat villa? Made no sense but he did and he has to stand by that result.

We’re lucky that there are currently several poor teams in the league otherwise we could be adrift at the bottom of the league.

04 Oct 2023 13:42:44
Hi mate yeah saw the pole on Sean in or out and it was about 50/ 50,I know he picks the Team but to slate him off for what players are doing on the pitch for me is wrong, we have had so many chances of scoring in the last few games and even a couple of them had gone in we would be praising the whole lot of them, our players need to step up and start scoring again and take the pressure off Sean as realistically I can’t see anyone wanting to manage us but I will continue to support him.

04 Oct 2023 15:00:40

I am for keeping Sean and for people to slate that he just sets up 11 behind the ball and his tactics are dated is unfair imo and agree the player's need to be more decisive and clinical in their play and finishing. But I do agree to a extent that his recent interviews are irratating, we lack leadership throughout the squad and have for years on the pitch somehow Dyche and his team need to find the leaders within the group.

Regardless of Dyche in or out debate, results need to improve and we can't keep making excuses for not turning performances into points, we lose Saturday and that 50/ 50 split will undoubtedly chamge.

04 Oct 2023 15:32:56
Yep his interviews aren’t the best mate, but what concerns me the most is Everton’s meeting with the FA at the end of this month re FFP and all the media hype and with Leicester, Southampton and Leeds threatening to sue for £300 million all this just seems to go on and on quicker it’s sorted one way or the other the better eh.

04 Oct 2023 15:51:16
Plays a defensive midfielder who is out of form, and moves a player who played very well there out wide.
That was his decision no one else’s, and we weren’t playing Arsenal we were playing Luton .

04 Oct 2023 16:15:21
Yep can't disagree with that Woburn and on Dyche totally. Let's see if reverts back Saturday.

Is very concerning for all of us GB, critical times in our clubs history and the main reason I just don't see anyone of note stepping in to replace Dyche until it's resolved compounded by the not so appealing 777 takeover, having said that if we were to lose next few games the club will after act and no doubt be a panicked new appointment.

04 Oct 2023 16:32:56
It wasn’t me who made Dyche the 2nd worst manager in Everton history and it wasn’t me who made him lose every home game this season. He done that all by himself. We have no strikers was his excuse well we had 2 strikers on Saturday and he couldn’t beat Luton at home. I am not here to argue if you don’t think he is doing a bad job then fair enough you aren’t for turning. Maybe he might win this week I doubt it but you never know launch it forward and see what happens.

04 Oct 2023 16:19:27
Could’ve should’ve would’ve but didn’t.

04 Oct 2023 17:54:13
He didn’t do it all by himself. He had at least 11 players who helped him.

04 Oct 2023 18:25:48
Dino, the point isn't whether people want SD or not, GB and myself have asked you who you think would come in and turn this team around? You're pretty vocal against anything SD so who, bearing in mind the current predicament of the club, do you believe is both obtainable and can do the job that numerous managers haven't been able to do? Telling us that it isn't your job is just avoiding the question. You don't want SD so who would you get?

04 Oct 2023 18:29:02
Probably all 11 behind the ball hey Dino.

04 Oct 2023 18:57:36
I wouldn't worry about being sued by any other club GB what can they sue us for spending too much of our own money on rubbish?

04 Oct 2023 19:40:23
Them dropping a division maybe, because we overspent by millions to keep us up certainly doesn’t help mate.

04 Oct 2023 19:52:33
I am not a football agent or scout as I said I would go for potter I know he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he is available I like his style and couldn’t possibly do any worse than this buck ejit. Bluepotato you could do a better job than Dyche you telling me with Everton’s squad you couldn’t win a match at home vs Luton, Fulham and wolves. Luton are a step up from a pub team for heaven’s sake. His decision making is crap, training crap, results crap and interviews really crap. Everything is crap so why keep him. See who is available interview them and pick whoever is best. It’s that or wait until Dyche takes over from Mike walker as the worst ever manager in history.

04 Oct 2023 20:51:26
Absolute drivel Dino.

"Luton are only a step up from a pub team"

"It's only Brentford" A team that were 18 home games unbeaten btw.

"We beat Villa in a cup no one's interested in".

"Don't judge potter at Chelsea, joke of a club" Then tip him for us haha like we are anything better, not forgetting we don't have a Potter style squad.

If nothing else you do make me smile Dino ya little wind up merchant ???.

04 Oct 2023 21:40:02
You said it wasn't your job last time Dino which is why a couple of us asked. I'm with Mocker on this, absolute drivel reply!
Besides the fact Potter would swerve is, like most who get linked with the job or the unrealistic names some fans would want, he couldn't get a tune out of a squad that cost a billion quid. If Chelsea are a joke of a club, what do you class us as?
What would you do differently? Maybe you should apply yourself, tell FM and the board what's wrong and turn the club around! Is this your third account now? With your qualifications, you could coach the team and drive them to their next game too eh, con81? ???.

04 Oct 2023 21:41:00
It's a bloody awful start to the season that cannot be denied and Sean needs to address it quickly as in pronto!
Here's my 'however, and it's a big ''however'', some of this team are PL players in name only and have assisted in the demise of previous bosses, so no surprises that they are not trailblazing right now and the atmosphere around the club has wall-to-wall negativity about it, result a perfect sh**storm of fu. ups.
Yep it's the 4th of October get shut of SD and then what? without being too nihilistic with this, but who in god's name wants to come here ?
He would not only need big cajones he would I bet have an empty cavity between his ears barring hot air and a big BS ego.

05 Oct 2023 09:24:13
Most football managers have big egos., and their not exactly underpaid.

05 Oct 2023 09:58:32
Some managers have more that just big egos you do know that too .

05 Oct 2023 10:32:43
yea who would want to bother earning over 100k a week, and if things don't work out getting a nice big fat pay off.
Only in the crazy world of football are you rewarded for failure.

05 Oct 2023 13:27:44
Never looked Woburn LOL.



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