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07 Oct 2023 19:58:23
Holy Moly we beat our neighbours in a couple of weeks and still some on here will gripe, credit where credit is due we played well today no premiership teams are so called easy.

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07 Oct 2023 20:11:13
Have you been drinking GB or is this a vision? Hope it's true mate.

07 Oct 2023 20:28:12
I think the point is GB that he chose both Young and Gueye in his starting eleven when both have been very poor. He was forced into the changes that worked out well by Gueye's injury. Young got a yellow at the beginning of the game. I just for the life of me can't understand why he repeatedly chooses these two.

07 Oct 2023 20:39:46
Agree mate but there were so many individual performances out there today, Harrison, Garner, McNeil, Doucoure, Braithwaite, DCL to name a few they were all excellent.

07 Oct 2023 20:40:34
Agree Mike,
Onana and Patterson should start. Would like to see Danjuma get a start and see what he adds over McNeil as well. But with that said it was a joyful day today.

07 Oct 2023 22:26:15
Yes it was a good day and hopefully the beginning of more good performances. I like Harrison and Garner, they add some quality which we have lacked recently. Liverpool will be more of a test, I just hope he keeps the same team with Patterson replacing Young.

07 Oct 2023 23:35:43
Hi guys I'm unsure as to why you would prefer Patterson over young, Patterson can not defend for his life and young is decent going forward and ok defensively Patterson is woeful defensively I think that's why big dyche plays him at right midfielder.

08 Oct 2023 00:06:56
BB Blue, u wouldn't put Danjuma in over Mcneil. Thought he was excellent today. Garner was motm for me though.

08 Oct 2023 09:27:27
If only McNeil had a turn of pace. Lad always looks knackered. But done a job today helping out in attack and defence.

08 Oct 2023 10:48:46
Nah nah nah na na. The war of the yes everything is great Vs the this is putrid drivel brigade shows no signs of finding a ceasefire. OP seems to thinks it's coming against our next opponent because we half stuffed a side so shockingly bad, Luton have a chance of finishing 2nd bottom.

08 Oct 2023 11:00:16
Danjuma over McNeil. Really. Wow. Unbelievable.

08 Oct 2023 11:13:24
Don't think it's a case of everything is great FBS more a realistic and balanced view, in all but 2 games this season we have in performance done enough to get points and looked on spells a good team. Admittedly the points don't reflect the performances but unfair to keep battering the team, we needed a bit of luck and yesterday we got it in terms of Gana s injury pre game, we won we played well can we just not enjoy this and give the team and Dyche the credit they deserve.

08 Oct 2023 11:29:56
The players deserve all the credit. Can't see anyone who didn't enjoy that yesterday. But everything is great after a 1st home win in ages? Is this the highs we are now used to? When we win 3 out of 4/ 5 consistently, then I will be front of the Q for my happy pills.

08 Oct 2023 12:34:44
The only person that’s used the phrase ‘everything is great’ is you FBS. Most sit somewhere in the middle. It does seem that many will happily slam both the manager and the players, but far less are then prepared to praise them for a good performance.

08 Oct 2023 13:37:57
Well said JB.

08 Oct 2023 13:41:51
You can only beat a team that's infront of you, people moaning when we win and when we lose, can't have it both ways, we played well, was it becasue Bournemouth where so bad or we played well, that's all opinions, but for me, 3 out 4 now and look at the stats, how many shots, it was only a matter of time before we actually scored goals, are we going to start going up the league, well next game is liverpool as we all know, we won't win and then the doom and gloom is back, but we could play the next game and win, this is football, but anyone saying there aren't improvements doesn't watch us play, boring style of play, look at the stats, how ma y shots are we having every game , SD is correct things are slowly getting there, bu SD needs to open his eyes and see what sat infront of him before putting gueue back in the side .
One last note, I read someone would rather see danjuma over McNeil, have you seen how many Carrie's that man does, a lot of the time he runs the whole pitch to ease the pressure and can also be very good in attack, he's one of the first names on the team sheets for me, and you watch him when he's running, he's a lot faster than he looks, his running style makes him look sluggish, will we finish top half of the table, I doubt it, but will we be in a relegation battle, I don't think so this year.

08 Oct 2023 18:10:37
Agree I think we will be in and around mid table which is big progress.
Warming to some of the players too which in turn to means the team is improving


Tarkowski mcneil and doucoure all continuing good form. We have better options now.



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